What can I do to my Canada Immigrations process during Corona Virus Lockdown?

May 4 2022 11:28:01 PM

The pandemic CoVid-19 has played its part well. A lot of human lives are at stake while the economy of the world is at its knees. With most countries being affected, it has been predicted by world economists and doctors that it would take at least 2 years for the world to heal and recover from this crisis. XIPHIAS Immigration supports all those working for the world to recover from CoVid-19.

Countries like Canada and Australia, who invite foreign nationals to fill in their job vacancies due to less population within the country, now have made a few changes to accommodate this VIRUS scare prevalent. However, none of the countries have abandoned any of their expansion plans. As per the recent news-release from Canada, Canada is looking to invite a minimum of 1 lakh skilled immigrants into their country by the end of the year 2020. All Canada skilled immigrants will be granted permanent residency in Canada. The country has further released a statement stating that all pending applications will be granted PR after the preliminary evaluation process. The mandatory in-person interviews are either done online or are abandoned for selected few. However, this is restricted only to the already received applications and filtered. Such profiles should be part of the Canada’s Express Entry System.

Canada has ten provinces in all and all these provinces provide a nomination program specially designed for interested individuals to relocate to the particular province. Most provinces in Canada are hit by the Corona Virus and it is yet to be brought under complete control. However, the officials there are confident to bring the virus under control by the end of the month of May. And in the month of June, they plan to resurrect the immigration processes. As told earlier each of the provinces has their own Canada Provincial Nominee Program which provides nomination for every selected profile with help of which the applicant becomes eligible to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency VISA. You can choose any of the pathways mentioned.

Each of the Provincial Nominee Program has multiple streams for the immigrants to choose that which can help them get their PR in Canada. Canada’s provinces Ontario pnp, Manitoba pnp, Alberta pnp and Saskatchewan pnp offer special Nomination immigration program. These 4 provinces are the most sought after provinces as most of the manufacturing and services industries are scattered here. These 4 provinces are rich and are stably growing. They are also aided by strong governance.

In the recent past, Canadian provinces have come up with another program to support local communities with in the Provinces. There are quite number of communities in Canada which have a population of 72,000 and less. Such communities are now independently looking for skilled professionals to work for them. Depending on the requirement locally, they are open to both skilled professionals and traders. This program is one of the easiest modes to relocate to Canada.

The other provinces like Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, all which of are close to sea, provide good streams or pathways for one to relocate to Canada. Each of these is a port and is developing shipping industries. All the three provinces have fertile land, protected forest land and is huge draw for tourists.

Canadian Experience Class is another program which allows all those who are already in Canada on a work permit or those who already have experience to work in Canada to obtain their Canada PR. This is relatively easier as people with Canadian experience will have an upper hand in the immigration process. Even under other streams, people with a job offer or having Canadian experience have a better preference. However, both of these are not mandatory.

CoVid-19 has taken its toll on the overall economy of Canada. However, the country is still rich and is easily one of most promising economies in the world. It provides a series of opportunities for all those who would want to relocate to the country by investing in the country’s businesses under the Canada Business Immigration Programs. Canada’s most promising and alluring business immigration program is Canada’s Start-up program. This program doesn’t need any kind of investment from the applicant. However, what Canada intends is that the applicant is a thorough businessman with an acumen for growing business ideas. The applicant will have to provide the best possible innovative idea which should promise growth at national and international levels. Such a business plan should gain a backing from authorized Canada’s other investment programs are more or less associated with the PNP programs. Each of the PNP programs offers a separate investment immigration program which allows the investor to choose to invest either in a running business of the province or invest in the farmland. With most provinces being rich I fertile land, Canada invites experienced farm investors to invest in farm land and develop the farm business as would be conducive for Canada/ North American Markets. You can invest in any of the running business of any province that you choose would fit in to your needs. You can also start a new business in any of the provinces provided you make a minimum of CAD $50,000 initial investment. There are not many rules and regulations attached to the investment program. However, it would be required that you will have to provide a proper business plan and few documents proving the legality of your source of income.

We at XIPHIAS provide all necessary services required for our clients to invest as would be required. Let CoVid-19 not hinder your plans. Now a lot of things can be done online through the immigration portals. Although the move can happen once the virus is brought under control. Recently, XIPHIAS had a successful webinar where it projected its future growth and help plans. It is easy when planned ahead in time.

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