What are the investment options provided to gain a Caribbean second passport?

Jul 22 2019 11:28:01 PM

Decide how you would wish to invest. An applicant has 5 options for contributions in order to obtain the Caribbean passport through the Citizenship by Investment program namely:

1.National Economic Fund Contribution

2.Government bond Investment

3.Enterprise Project Investment

4.Business Establishment

5.Real Estate Investment

1. National Economic Fund Contribution

Individuals with a high net worth may choose to make a financial contribution to the NEF organization via one of the prescribed contribution levels:

US$100,000: Single applicant.

US$165,000: the Main applicant with a spouse.

US$190,000: Family with up to 3 dependents.

US$25,000: Per additional dependent

2. Government bond Investment

Upon approval, an applicant and accompanying family may go for investment in Caribbean government bonds, which must be held for five years. The bond amount will be varying depending upon the size of the family.

US$500,000: Single applicant.

US$535,000: Main applicant and spouse.

US$550,000: Family with up to 3 dependents.

3. Enterprise Project Investment

Applicants can invest a minimum of US$3.5 million in any approved enterprise project and create at least three jobs. A group investment of US$6 million is possible for up to six qualified applicants, while each person can make a minimum investment of US$1 million. Collectively, the group should create six jobs.

4. Business Establishment

Applicants can invest US$1.5 million to establish a business and qualify to apply for citizenship. More than two investors can make a joint business investment where each individual threshold should be a minimum of US$400,000 and the total investment should make a minimum of US$5 million.

5. Real Estate Investment

Five-Year Hold Period Applicants may purchase government-approved property valued at a minimum of US$400,000, or purchase shares valued at the same minimum amount in a real estate development. The investment should be maintained for a minimum of five years span of time. Investors may be required to pay additional taxes and fees.

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