What To Do If Canada Sponsorship Spouse Visa Is Rejected?

Apr 26 2019 11:28:01 PM

Desire to meet your loved ones living in Canada can get clouded when your Spouse Visa gets rejected. Such instance although rare can occur.

Canada Spouse Visa is that stream of visa which allows you to meet your family who is already living in Canada. All you need to do is produce documents that prove you are the legal partner for your spouse for 2 years and more along with an invitation letter and sponsorship from your spouse living in Canada.

The Spouse Sponsorship Canada is a two-step procedure:

1. First step: the spouse/partner who is a Canadian permanent resident or Canadian citizen must first apply to become a sponsor.

2. Second step: Once the sponsorship is approved, abroad spouse/partner must apply for Canada PR (permanent residence) on the basis of spouse sponsorship.

The immigration specialist will evaluate the genuineness of the connection between the sponsor and the applicant.

When can a Spouse Visa get rejected?

Spouse Visa can get rejected on grounds of inconsistency in the documents produced, or unacceptability of the relationship by the immigration officer or the migration office discovers that the relationship isn't genuine, or that the time frame of the relationship is not sufficient enough.

Rejection of the Visa could be heartbreaking after all the hard work done. However, there could still be a chance.

What do you do when you face rejection?

First, buckle up. There is always a way out.

You will have a timeline of 30 days to make an appeal with the Immigration Appeal Division after getting the visa rejection notification.

Here, you may be called to attend the hearing in person or through video chat.

In this meeting you may support your application with:

1. Submit and present new proof that supports your case

2. Be a witness on your own behalf in this case

3. To support your case, bring one witness.

4. Have a legal presentation

After listening to your stance, The Immigration Appeal division will make a decision about whether or not the decision of rejection of the Canada Spouse visa can be overturned or otherwise.

When the case is turned in your favor, your case will be sent back for reevaluation with the new decision reference.

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