What’s New in German Citizenship by Investment and Germany Business Visa?

Dec 1st 2018 11:28:01 PM

These days, Germany is the most favorable country in the world to immigrate to, as it tops in the list of healthy economy, education system and it is a land full of opportunities in terms of businesses and employment. All across the world, people wishes to migrate to Germany to get hold of all the opportunities which are related to business, investment, education system. In terms of economy, power, business opportunities and democracy, Germany is among the most important countries of the world.

German Citizenship by Investment:

Germany does not have a proper or specific visa program to obtain German Residence Permit by Investment, moreover, German law and government allows foreign or international investors to apply for only three year residence permit. To apply or obtain Residency by Investment in Germany, investors are required to establish their own business or company with significant investment amount in German company. Germany offers residence permit to high net and valuable investors who are able to invest in Germany with a minimum investment amount of EUR 200,000 in a new German company. After establishment and investment, anyone can apply for Germany residency through investment. To obtain a German Citizenship by Investment, investors have to demonstrate that their own business is successfully contributing with German company.

Germany residency through investment might be possible if the investors are living in Germany continuously from the past 8 years.

Benefits of German Citizenship:

If someone applies for Investor Visa Germany and managed to obtain the same, then there are lots of benefits in it. In terms of power and prestige, a German passport is only matched with UK and US passport. Here you can find several benefits of German citizenship passport.

1.German citizenship is the fourth largest economy in the whole world.

2.It provides the privilege to travel to 177 countries without a visa.

3.It has a few restrictions to live, work and study in the UK or other EU.

4.The German Citizenship Passport has 10 years of validity and can be renewed for lifetime.

5.No need for minimum residency.

6.On the planet, this is the most powerful citizenship passport.

Germany Business Visa:

Germany is a well-known country for the fourth largest economy in the world. Basically with the Germany Business Visa, you can stay in Germany for short time. Germany Business Visa allows who wish to come to Germany for business activity, business making strategies, business meetings, sign and, business related contract. In other hand we can say Germany Business Visa is a short stay visa. To obtain this Germany Business Visa your nationality is the first and main decisive factor.

Requirements of Germany Business Visa:

There are a number of Germany Business Visa Requirements. Here you may find the main requirements of Germany Business Visa.

1.Short-stay visa application form

2.Declaration of Accuracy of Information

3.Two identical photographs

4.Valid national passport

5.One copy of your passport’s data page

6.Travel Health Insurance

7.Flight Itinerary

8.Proof of accommodation for your entire stay in the Germany area

9.Proof of civil status

10.Proof of financial status

11.Your company bank statements

12.Business references

13.Invitation letter from the business partner in Germany

14.Detailed schedule of your business meetings

15.Certificate of Incorporation of the company

Types of Germany Business Visa:

1.Germany Entrepreneur Visa

2.Germany Investor Visa

Germany Entrepreneur Visa:

Every year Germany offers entrepreneur visa for international entrepreneur to investment and job creation with top level German company. German government encourages local and international investors to invest in Germany. If you decide to invest in Germany then you may become eligible for all the things, which are related to your business or investment like grants, tax reductions and special investment loans which will be helpful to establish your business. The Germany Entrepreneur Visa is valid for 3 years only.

Germany Investor Visa

The Germany Investor Visa or Germany Investor Visa program offers a unique chance to obtain German citizenship or permanent residence through investment. The Germany Investor Visa program works according to US investor visa program that encourages investors to invest in existing business or establishment of a new business. According to the US EB-5 investment visa program, Germany uses all the same rules or principal in own investor visa program. German passport and citizenship is an ultimate reward for the investor, if you invest in Germany. Investment is a different and unique approach to obtain German citizenship and passport.

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