What I Wish Everyone Knew About Immigrating To Canada from India

Apr 18 2019 11:28:01 PM

Canada is one of the friendliest and loving countries in the world therefore you and your family would have a great time. The Canada immigration policies are applicants friendly to give maximum benefit to newcomers and under the new family immigration process, you can move to the country with your entire family at a very reasonable price. Another great thing about moving to Canada is that there is already a strong community of Indian migrants and it would be easy to manage life there with your family. Most of the Canadian communities are of working professionals and respected society members that you and your family will have access to their vast knowledge and experience.

Requirements for Moving to Canada with Family

When it comes to immigrating with your families in their country, Canada is a country that has one of the most liberal policies and practices of any first-world nation around the world. This has been one of the reasons for the popularity of Canada immigration of people from particularly from India because a family has a huge role to play in a person’s life. Canada lets you enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and gives you the best international job opportunities

Immigration for Spouses:

The Canadian immigration policy states that you can consider someone to be spouse only if they have been living with you for at least one year. You would not need to make a separate application for your partner when you make your own immigration application the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada will automatically assume that you are planning to migrate with your spouse. So, you should make sure you know the process for Canada Spouse Visa immigration in your case before you apply.

Immigration for Children:

Any dependant below the age of 22 years who does not have a spouse can be considered a child and will be eligible for all the benefits due to a child as per the rules set by the IRCC. In certain cases, if the dependant is above 22 years of age but has some physical or mental disability which restricts them from working or fending for themselves, it can also be included in your general application as the principal applicant. In the case where your spouse also has children of own who qualify the above-mentioned criteria, you can include them in your application as well.

For Parents/Grandparents:

At present, the IRCC does not allow parents and/or grandparents to be part of the Canada Family Immigration. They must be sponsored separately once the primary applicant has settled in Canada and is done with the minimum residence time required to be able to qualify for enabling sponsoring of individuals of your family into Canada as PRs, which are parents and grandparents.

Now that you have a brief knowledge as to how you can migrate to Canada with your family and begin a new life there, XIPHIAS Immigration can help you achieve those dreams and can help you move to Canada with your whole family in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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