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March 16 2022 11:28:01 PM

United Kingdom, one of the most famous investment destinations has two very distinct investment programs to help all those investors to choose the plan that could suit their requirement – the UK Innovator VISA and the UK Start-up VISA. United Kingdom or UK is the hub for modern industrialization. Most manufacturing factories have their location in the UK. The capital of UK, London is a global city and is the financial capital of the world. Service sector of UK forms 79% of the economic turnover of UK. London is one of the three Global command centers of the world. Textile industry, Ship building, coal mining, steel making are few of the large scale industries of UK. The automotive industries and Information Technology are the other industries gaining big in the UK currently.

Earlier business people could come to UK through the UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur VISA category. However, Since March 2019, this program seized to exist. And business men who could afford initial investments could work their way into UK through the UK Innovator VISA Program. There are many investment opportunities available for investing in the UK Market.

Not every business house is up and open for investment in UK. There are few chosen businesses in which one can invest. These are approved by the Government of UK. XIPHIAS Immigration with its reach and knowhow helps its clients obtain their innovator visa or the Start-up. XIPHIAS Immigration has signed up with multiple business houses to help its clients, in their chosen approach.

The UK Innovator VISA Program is for all those experienced businessmen who are looking to invest in UK. Such businessmen can invest in their innovative idea implementation in UK. Such businesses should be viable and should be scalable in the long run. The investment required to qualify under this program is £50,000. The investor needs to obtain a letter of endorsement from the endorsing body. Also, the investor cannot be a national of the European Economic Area and Switzerland. Through this investment visa program, the investor and the immediate family can get to live in UK for good, first as permanent residents, later as citizens. The applicant will have to submit a business plan which should be able to prove the viability and scalability of the business. Such a business plan should be genuine and should prove that the plan meets the new and existing market needs. It should have a competitive edge in the market.

The validity of this VISA is 3 years. You can either enter UK through the Innovator VISA or can switch to this VISA after having entered through a different visa. This VISA is renewable and the investor, after 5 years of living in UK, becomes eligible to apply for “indefinite leave to remain (UK Settlement)”.

The UK START-UP Visa has been introduced to replace the Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur VISA program. This program can be used by all those high profiled businessmen who would want to start a new business in UK. Such businessmen need to invariably be of high potential individuals. UK Start-up VISA doesn’t need any kind of initial investment from the side of the applicant unlike the UK Innovator VISA. It is important that the applicant under this category hasn’t opened any other business in UK. The applicant needs to be of a minimum of 18 years of age. He/she should have prepared a business plan or idea which needs to be approved by authorized governing body. The applicant will have to prove his/her English language competence and also of be able to support self and dependents financially. A proof regarding the same must be provided. This Start-up Visa is valid for 2 years’ time. While this VISA is not renewable, the applicant can switch to other visa programs to continue living in London. The applicant should get an endorsement for the application in UK.

The UK Sole Representative of an overseas business VISA has been designed to help senior managers or management representatives of an already running overseas business to open a branch in UK. The branch should be in the same lines as the overseas business. Such representative, cannot work for anybody else or seek any other job opportunity. This is a 3year stay visa which can be further extended by 2 years. They will be eligible to apply for “Indefinite leave to Remain” program after 5 years living in UK. The applicant should be able to provide documents proving his/her relation with the business house for which he/she is applying as a representative of. The applicant can bring in his/her immediate family. The applicant will have to prove English language competency. The applicant must be able to prove his/her competency and experience in the domain field.

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