Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

Apr 6 2022 11:28:01 PM

The transcontinental country between Europe and Asia, Turkey, is offering its Citizenship by Investment program for all those interested investors who would want to look at investment options in Turkey. This program was introduced in the year 2016. Investments can be made either in Real Estate of the country or as a bank deposit.

Turkey being a transcontinental country is one hot spot of a country which works as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Turkey is a key financial hub. The country’s culture is an influence of Greece, Persia, Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country is a secular state. Its largest city Istanbul is known for architectures around. Turkey is considered world’s 13th largest economy. It is a developed country. Turkey’s finances are defined by the Shipping industries and the automobile industries. To expand business prospects and local developments, Turkey came up with Turkey Citizenship by Investment program to encourage foreign direct investment in the country. There are three ways that a High net worth individual can invest in Turkey. Each of these investments has a unique process and documentation. With Turkey’s passport one can travel to 114+ countries VISA free which include countries like Singapore, China, Japan, Europe among others. The whole of the family will get Turkey Citizenship. Turkey’s geographical location is a big advantage for those who would want to spread their wings across Europe and Asia. It is a member of United Nations, NATO, IMF, World Bank, and G-20.

Investor looking at investing in the real estate of Turkey will have to invest a minimum of USD $250,000 in any authorized real estate of Turkey. Such property will have to be maintained by the investor for a minimum of 3 years. Post that period, the property can be sold or be maintained as would suit the investor. Another way to get Tureky’s Citizenship is through bank deposits. The investor will have to maintain a bank deposit of USD $500,000 in the Turkey bank for a minimum of 3 years period. The investor is at will to withdraw or use the amount with in Turkey post that period of 3 years. An annual interest for the same would be added to the account by the bank.

Investors can choose to invest a Fixed Capital Investment in any running business of the country. Such investments have to be USD $500,000 and more with permission letter from ministry of Industry and Technology. Such investments must generate a minimum of 50 jobs. The investor can choose to invest as Venture Capitalist too. However, such investment should be maintained for a minimum period of 3 years.

Investor gets his/her and family Turkey passports in 6 months’ time. This program doesn’t require the investor to be in Turkey at any given point of time. Turkey being considered as one of the developed countries has great living amenities. The country witnesses stable economic growth every year backed by good governance.

The biggest advantage of holding Turkey citizenship is to obtain US E2 Visa. With Turkey Citizenship, investor can get easy access to US through the E2 Treaty VISA program. Under this program, the investor can open a branch or office or start a company in USA. It needs to generate a minimum of 2 jobs. And this VISA will be valid for 2 years and can be renewed for the time period of when the business runs. However, each time the US E2 Visa can be renewed only for 2 years’ time. The other program which provides the same facility is Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program. This is a big advantage as countries as huge as India or China themselves have not entered US E2 Treaty.

Anybody who is 18 years of age can apply for Turkey’s Citizenship by Investment program. It is important that investor has no-criminal records and is of sound health.

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