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Oct 6, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Investments are always an interesting proposition. Businessmen invest to expand their business across their country boundaries. There are many countries which invite both innovative entrepreneurs and casual investors to invest in their country with an intention to increase foreign direct investment in the country. Countries invite such direct investment into the country either to help the government fund the development projects or develop the businesses within the country. Investment Immigrations across border is encouraged and has been provided with regulations by the countries inviting such investments.

Investing across borders involves high risk and calls for tangible actions as the amount of investment is usually high. There are very few companies who provide international investment solutions at such large extent. One such company which provides high end solutions for every immigration need is XIPHIAS Immigrations. They are a team of experts in the field of International Investment immigrations who have the right solution for every immigration need possible. XIPHIAS provides a boutique of services for every age-group possible.

There are many countries across the globe, which invite individuals into their country to invest. Such countries provide permanent residency or citizenship for the investors depending on the kind of investment the investor chooses. The investor can choose to invest in the country’s real estate or in the business. Here, we have presented a few opportunities for Business Investments.

Investment for the purpose of conducting Business –

There are many entrepreneurs who intend to start their business in a different new country altogether as they see potential for their growth in that country. The reasons for such decisions could be many. One such individual who built a mammoth company after relocating to USA from India is Mr. Amar Bose who built the Bose Corporation. Similarly, a big number of farmers from Punjab moved to California to build the almond farming industry there. These are only few examples of successful businessmen and farmers who took the risk of relocating to a fairly new country built something from scratch and found success too. Following are few programs which encourage innovative thinkers to start their business in a new country –

i. UK Start-up Program –

UK start-up Visa program is for all those individuals who have a business idea which they intend to start in the UK. The ideas should be innovative, viable and should be scalable in nature. It should have the potential to scale to international levels. If you are one such entrepreneur intending to own a start-up in UK, then you need to provide an endorsement from an approved endorsement body. You need to also get few clearances for the process.

The entrepreneur on successful processing of application will get a 2 year visa which is not renewable. However, he can move to another visa called the UK Innovator visa which can be extended any number of times. However, the entrepreneur will be eligible for a permanent residency in UK after 5 years of living there following with a qualification for citizenship.

ii. Canada Start-up Program –

Canada Start-up is another program which works on similar lines as UK Start-up visa program. To qualify for this program, the applicants will need to submit a power business idea and which should get a “Letter of support” from designated organizations supporting their ideas. The designated organizations are pre-approved by Canada immigrations. Up-to 5 applicants can jointly apply under this program. However, each one of them will need to provide the Letter of Support along with their application. If the process goes smooth, then this program provides the entrepreneur with Canada permanent residency and an eventual citizenship there.

iii. France Talent Passport Program –

For all those entrepreneurs who intend to relocate to France with an intention to start a business these, we bring forward France Talent Passport Program labeled Skilled Residence Permit – Business Creator. The visa will bear this title and the entrepreneur will need to get stamped within 2 months of relocating to the country. The entrepreneur can start a business either in commercial or artisanal or industrial sector. Each of these is subject to French regulations. This visa is valid of 4 years following which the entrepreneur can apply for permanent residency there.

iv. Start-up Ireland Visa Program –

Ireland is an amazing country located in Europe. The country provides the best infrastructure for all those intending to start their business there. It’s a global hub. Most multi-nationals have their set-up in Ireland due to the low corporate tax and the infrastructure the country provides. Ireland is one of the richest countries in the whole of Europe and easily the best country to conduct business. Start-up Ireland Visa Program is arguably one of the best immigration programs. XIPHIAS immigration provides complete set up support to the entrepreneurs who intend to invest in Ireland.

v. Canada Investment Immigration Program –

This program invites great thinkers who already have business experience to start a business in Canada. Under this category, the business investor can choose to invest in a running business in Canada. The investor can purchase the whole of the business or purchase a part of it. This kind of investment can be made in related provinces. Canada Investment Immigration program fetches the investor permanent residency in the country after the investor has fulfilled the regulations pertaining to the investment program. There are two categories of investments under this. One is the Entrepreneur stream and the other is the Farm investment stream.

UK too offers its UK innovator program allowing investors to start a business in UK. Any multi-national intending to start their business in Canada can send their representative to Canada to conduct the same. Such an employee will need to be of high standard and should be employed with the company for atleast 3 years prior to the application submission. This program is termed as Intra Company Transfers.

Investing in a new country for the sake of conducting business is a huge risk and has its own set of challenges. However, if the process is approached with help of the right international immigration investment firms things can be easier and the process smoother. XIPHIAS provides all the necessary know-how to invest in the business of the country while also supporting the purpose of the business. Proper documentation is the key to successful investment. Hence it is required that you partner with the right investment immigration expert.

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