Recent updates for Canada Immigrations

Oct 29, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada is fast recovering from the economic crisis it faced during the Corona pandemic. However, there could be a lot of changes brought in to the immigration programs. In its further pursuit to invite the right foreign nationals into the country to help economic development, Canada has made several changes in its immigration policies.

These are few of new updates from the immigration table of Canada that have been announced.

1. IRCC had introduced few changes in the CRS points score on 20th October 2020. IRCC further went on to declare that the profiles in the Express Entry pool will be auto-updated in 2 weeks’ time.

2. IRCC intended to complete this task before sending next invitations

3. This resulted in cancelation of Express Entry draw that was to be held on 28th October 2020

4. Below are the few changes that have been announced in the Express Entry CRS points system-

French speakers or those individuals willing to learn French will earn an extra 50 points. The applicants who are fluent in French or have an inclination towards learning French will be awarded with an extra score to enhance their net score by 50 points through the Express Entry system.

Government of Canada is offering an extra 25 points to all those individuals who have the got a foothold on French language even if the individual does not know English well.

To apply for the immigration programs in Canada it is important that you apply through the right immigration firm who have the right knowledge and experience in helping immigrants relocate to the country.

XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the top immigration firms which is registered with the ICCRC, Canada. XIPHIAS believes in maintaining healthy relationships with the country of immigration and with the immigrants. To ensure this, they follow a policy of transparency.

The aspirant immigrant will be provided with proper evaluation and guidance to help them evaluate the best immigration program for them. Once the aspirant has decided his pathway, they will be further guided in other aspects.

XIPHIAS Immigration provides able guidance for clearance of language ability tests that the individual need to take up before applying for migration to Canada. XIPHIAS provides online guidance for all those who need to build their language ability.

The most crucial part of immigrations is the documentation. If the documents are proper and supports the information provided in the application form, then half the battle is already won there. These documents should include all education certificates, experience letters, Language test results, and certificates from local bodies confirming your clean background among others. Any document that can support your stand is always an added advantage. XIPHIAS team helps you with this part of organizing documentation.

XIPHIAS team is expert at helping their clients with the submission of application. Submission of application is crucial in the whole process. Be it for Express Entry or Provincial nominee program.

XIPHIAS provides a thorough guidance to the successful applicant about what he can expect once he lands in Canada. XIPHIAS has tied up with the Canada immigration authorities who conduct this program. They also provide post landing services to those of their clients who have landed in Canada.

Canada provides Permanent Residence to all those who relocate to the country in search for a better life and opportunity. Canada is one of the developed countries who has vouched its success to the immigrants who have relocated to the country. Canada’s living conditions are one of the best in the world and have always supported new ideas for the development of the country.

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