Reasons why Canada PR might get rejected

Nov 23, 2022 11:28:01 PM

A lot of us intend to relocate to a country where we are provided with better opportunities to showcase our skills, our strengths while at the same time be able to earn a comfortable living. Many countries across the globe invite immigrants into their country with an intention to fill in the gaps for right skilled professionals to complete their jobs. One such country which declares its economic success to be the direct impact of right immigrants is Canada. Canada invites skilled professionals and Business investors who can contribute to the economy actively and encompass the atmosphere of Canada into the lives. As a reward to the contributions of the economy, Canada provides Canada Permanent residency to the successful applicants.

Canada PR is one of the most sought after immigration programs in the world allowing professionals and businessmen to relocate to the country. Canada provides extensive support to the immigrants along with a lot of benefits. However, it could prove challenging if there has been issues processing the visa. It could happen that the visa gets rejected or there is a possibility that you could be banned to apply for Canada PR under any program possible due to an error that was made during the process. Hence, it is important to go through the right channels to achieve your goal.

Below listed are few possible reasons why your VISA could get rejected –

1. While filling an application, there could be errors leading to misrepresentation of information or there could be omission of fields. There is a possibility that the authorities could consider this misrepresentation as a way to hide real information about you. Usually, the country bans applicants from applying to relocate to Canada for 2 years which can extend to 5 years. There are chances of life time ban too if the error is huge.

2. Another major reason for rejections is health. Any individual who will have diabetes or any kind of terminal illness could get rejected if they prove that they are potential burden to Canada’s Universal health care system. It will be upto the Canada immigrations to reject or accept an application on health grounds. However, a strong report from a good medical practitioner could make your case stronger.

3. Canada has made it compulsory that the applicants provide proof of that they are free from any kind of criminal activities or background. Canada does not accept applications of individuals who have any kind of criminal background to them.

4. Canada Immigrations issues deadlines for the applicants to respond to their queries. It is important that the applicants adhere to these deadlines without fail. It requires that you explain your standpoint and it would also require you to be prepared with any kind of documents that could support your point.

5. In minuscule possibilities, there is a chance that the immigration authorities have made mistakes when processing the application and thus rejection could have happened. For any such issues, you can appeal and represent your case.

6. Documents are most crucial. These documents should support your application information. Your documents should be prepared in accordance to your application. Your case should be taken ahead only after the documents are well-prepared.

7. The other important variation that could lead to rejection in application is applying without the knowledge of the eligibility requirements. There are 70 immigration programs defined by Canada. And each of them has special requirements. It would be necessary that these requirements are understood properly. Based on where you would fit in the best, you need to apply.

The above mentioned issues may not appear big, but if they are not handled professionally, it could lead to rejections. It is hence required that you proceed with your immigration plans taking help and guidance from professional immigration firm like XIPHIAS Immigration.

XIPHIAS is registered with the ICCRC and is thus official immigration agent for Canada. Such an immigration agent will have complete knowledge about the immigration programs and will be able to help you decide which program would best be suitable for you. They are experts in handling any case be it Express entry program or the most famous PNP program.

XIPHIAS has a team of professionals to process your application. They ensure that every step is well taken care. This could be the application filling stage or application submission or anything related to documents too.

XIPHIAS also has a team of lawyers who handle their immigration and appeal to the Canada immigrations when required.

XIPHIAS has a team of counselors who can help you identify the best immigration pathway that would suit your requirements.

All in all, it would be necessary, that you approach a professional immigration firm to ensure you relocate to Canada successfully.

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