Provincial Nominee Program

Apr 27 2022 11:28:01 PM

Provinces in Canada offer various streams for immigration into the country. The Canada Provincial Nominee Program provides aspirant immigrants their nomination from the Province and thus increase the score qualifying them for Canada Permanent Residency VISA. The provinces each have their own defined immigration program. XIPHIAS Immigration, the top immigration firm in India, brings in its vast experience and knowledge to help all of its clients utilize the PNPs and thus relocate to Canada at a faster pace. XIPHIAS, being an ICCRC registered firm, gets an update about any changes in these programs.

We have tried to list alphabetical wise Provincial Nominee Program to help our readers a better insight about the same. Alberta Provincial Nominee Program

Alberta is one of the rare provinces in Canada. This place is beautiful and has been showing strong economic growth. Alberta provides numerous streams to help immigrants relocate to the province through Alberta Immigration Nomination Program (AINP). Alberta PNP program, an economic immigration program nominates right aspirants for Canada PR and such right aspirants will have to provide an Expression of Interest clearly mentioning that they would want to move to Alberta.

Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry Stream are the 2 most popular streams for relocation to the province. If you are already in Canada on a work permit or has already obtained the work permit, although not in Canada, you qualify to apply for the Alberta Opportunity Stream program. For Alberta Express Entry Stream, Alberta province chooses the right candidates from the Express Entry pool of already filtered profiles. This further filtration will be based on the current requirement in Alberta. Both the streams have certain criteria which you, as the applicant will have to fulfill.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

British Columbia or BC in short, is the province in the west with borderline in the Pacific Ocean. The Rocky mountains across provides this place one amazing landscape. British Columbia brings forth British Columbia Nomination Program which provides nomination for aspirant immigrants to qualify them to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency VISA.

Under BC PNP, there are 3 streams. One is the BC Skilled Worker program, BC Express Entry Program and BC PNP Tech Pilot program. All skilled professionals in the field of management, technology, trade or other skilled occupations can obtain BC nomination under this category. The other category BC Express Entry system needs that all profiles are part of the express entry pool and such profiles will be taken if and only if the profile satisfies the requirements of the province. BC PNP Tech Program is one of the biggest drive to have been introduced in the recent past to attract maximum technology driven candidates into the province. This pilot project has been extended till June 2020.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba PNP is one of the most sought after Province for aspirants to migrate as this province provides the best atmosphere and infrastructure for growth and development. The province is rich with natural resources and has good amount of water sources. Manitoba invites foreign skilled professionals into the country through their 3 different streams – the skilled worker overseas pathway, Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and human Capital Pathway. The skilled worker pathway works in the same manner as the Express Entry system. Here too, the profiles will be filtered based on 5 factors and the minimum score to clear up the path is 60. The Manitoba Express Entry system works in tandem with the main Express Entry system, where filtered profiles, suitable for Manitoba are drawn out from the Express Entry pool. All those foreign skilled professionals with a job offer in hand, can use the Human Capital Pathway to apply for Manitoba PNP.

New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program

One of the 4 Atlantic provinces, New Brunswick brings forward its NB PNP inviting foreign nationals interested to move to New Brunswick. The nomination certificate provided by the NBPNP aims at helping each of the candidate obtain their Canada Permanent Residency. Such candidates will have to stay in the province for an agreed period of time. It will be required that they send in their Expression of Interest about the same.

NBPNP has two streams specifically designed for the skilled professionals. One is the Express Entry Labour Market stream and the other is the Skilled workers with family support stream.

New Foundland PNP program

New Foundland and Labrador are two islands located in the easternmost part of Canada. These islands although not too big are beautiful and are surrounded by clean water. These islands are rich in fertile land and are also breeding newer industries. They recruit their required skilled professionals through this program. Newfoundland Labrador Express Entry Skilled Worker, Skilled Worker Category, International Graduate Category are the 3 pathways through which one can relocate to this province. This province requires that the skilled foreign professional has a guaranteed job offer from any employer based in New Foundland and Labrador. This applies for all the three streams.

Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia otherwise known as the New Scotland of Canada, brings about its Nova Scotia immigration program to invite interested immigrants relocate to the province. Nova Scotia other than being a beautiful island province, is also rich in natural minerals and raw materials. Nova Scotia streams of entry into the country include Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry stream and Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry stream. Both of the streams are connected with the Express Entry System. Thus Nova Scotia simply filters the required professionals from the pool of profiles in the Express Entry system.

Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

Ontario is the financial and economic hub of Canada. Toronto and Ottawa the big cities of Canada are located in Ontario. Ontario invites skilled professionals under its Ontario Immigration Nominee Program.

Ontario accepts applications under Ontario Express Entry stream, International Student category stream and Business Category stream. For all skilled professionals wanting to relocate to Ontario, they will have to go through the Express Entry System. Their profile will be shortlisted from the Express Entry pool of profiles. Ontario, being the center for economic and political strategies in Canada, is the province which attracts the maximum immigrants into Canada. Ontario has a lot of potential for growth and provides ample opportunities for all its immigrants.

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

The smallest province of Canada, Prince Edward Island offers its PNP program to all those looking to relocate to the province. The province although small, is the place for shipping industry in Canada. PEI provides its immigration program for all skilled professionals under its PEI PNP. Usually, PEI PNP works in tandem with the Express Entry system for it to filter the best personal possible who would suit the requirements of PEI.

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

Saskatchewan a beautiful province of Canada is located in the center and is surrounded by land. However, this province has a river in the same name and has large tracts of land. Hence this province is famous for agricultural goods and is also famous for the growing industries. It invites skilled professionals into the province through their SINP program. Under this program, it has SINP Express Entry stream through which the professionals can directly express their interest to move to Saskatchewan. This program is same as the AINP, OINP and MINP programs.

With Covid-19 creating havoc on the economic systems in the world, it still needs to be seen the complete impact once the world systems start to re-activate slowly. However, every country is looking for the main asset to be protected and this is human beings. Canada too, in accordance with the current lockdown, had temporarily stopped the immigration process. However, they intend to attract at least 1 lakh skilled professionals into the county by end of the year 2020, while their target is way beyond. The living and working conditions in Canada are beyond doubt one of the best in the world. They have been taking the best measures possible to help their residents.

XIPHIAS Immigration is an ICCRC registered firm and hence is an official immigration partner with Canada. We get all updates regarding immigration into Canada. We provide required assistance to our clients as much as possible. To enlighten more about the skilled immigration, we have arranged for a webinar this 29th April. Request all interested aspirants to participate in the same.

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