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Jul 27 2022 11:28:01 PM

To migrate to Canada one needs to understand the different paths that the country offers to relocate to Canada. Canada is a varsity in itself for immigrations. Canada provides right solutions for interested immigrants in the pathway they would intend to move. Skilled professionals, students, high-net worth investors are among the lot who can relocate to Canada. There are defined pathways for each of the stream.

As skilled professionals, one looks for the right jobs which could help them elevate in their professional line. Canada, being a huge country, has numerous business houses which cannot always fill in their job openings with local population. They always look out for right foreign candidates who can relocate to the country to live and work there. With Canada’s immigration policies, it is easy for migrants to obtain their Canada Permanent Residency. To relocate to Canada, it is better to work with Best Immigration Consultants who have a good standing with Canada Immigrations and have good knowledge about the same.

Canada to help individuals ease their work came up with the Express Entry System with which they could filter the right candidates suitable for Canada. Canada has defined their Express Entry system in a manner that the portal accepts applications, relevant documents and changes too. The system, based on the application, gives a score to the profile. The score will be determined by factors which include age, education, experience, language proficiency and adaptability. With each of the factors, scoring will be determined. And based on the net score, the profile will be ranked. Highest scoring profiles will be taken for further processing.

To ensure the application is 100% successful, the right documents should be presented. The appropriateness of the documents is what helps the profile score.

Documents for Age -

i. Birth certificate

ii. Aadhar Card or any identification card proving your date of birth Score one earns for age – 12 points

Documents for Education –

i. Education Credential Assessment Report done by a designated organization. This document should prove that the applicant’s education is equal to certified certificate or diploma or degree from Canada

Maximum score earned for education – 25 points

Documents for Work Experience –

i. Certificate of Experience or experience letter from the applicant’s employers

1 year of domain experience with 30 hours of work per week for a full time employee or an equal amount for a part-time employee which could be 15 hours of work per week for 24 months

Work experience will count if the experience is in Canada or abroad. The experience will also be accepted if it was during the time when the applicant was studying in Canada. Experience is counted even if the applicant earned the work experience as a self-employed individual.

Maximum score one earns for Work experience – 15 points

Documents for Language ability –

Canada uses 2 languages. To relocate, the applicant will have to prove his credibility in either one of the languages based on the immigration pathway one chooses. The applicant will have to take one of the tests to help measure their language skills.

For English Canada Language Benchmarks are set. For French, Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens (NCLC) for French.

The applicant has to take up the mandatory approved language test in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. A test report will be awarded to the applicant. This report should be submitted at the time of application submission. Applicant will be earning a score of 7 for the express entry programs which it is sufficient to score 5 for Canada PNP programs.

Maximum score one earns for Language ability – 15 points

Documents for Adaptability –

This is relevant to the applicant’s spouse. Documents that can help gain under this category-

i. Spouse’ Education Credential Assessment Report

ii. Spouse work experience certificates

iii. Spouse language ability test report

Maximum score one earns for Language ability – 10 points

Other factors that can help but not mandatory are –

i. Job Offer for the applicant or/and spouse

ii. Relatives in Canada

Other important documents include bank statement which shows that you can manage living in Canada without having to depend on the public funds of the country.

Any document which can support your stand will help in your pursuit for Canadian immigrations.

It would be best to work with an immigration firm who are ICCRC immigration consultants. ICCRC is the abbreviated form of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Such registered agents are well-informed and are updated about the current trends in Canada. Canada also invites high-net worth individuals to earn their Canada PR by investment programs.

Canada’s immigration policies are simple and the communities in Canada quite welcome new foreign workers into the country with open hands. Canada has always been a safe country with less than 10% recorded crimes. More than half of Canada population is not local. Canada is open to provide opportunities in the political field too. Canada invites as many as one lakh skilled professionals into the country through the various immigration programs. Canada is a country where you can live, work and study while also providing the best for your dear ones.

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