Obtain Second Passport by investing in the exotic Caribbean Islands

August 4 2022 11:28:01 PM

Cross border investments are attractions for high net worth individuals. Such investments usually increase one’s personal net-worth. These investments bring in as much returns expected if well-planned and invested in the right investment plan. There could be many visa consultants across the country, however, it is important to choose the right international investment immigration consultants who are well-versed in the field of cross-border investments.

5 countries of the Caribbean islands provide such investment immigration program which brings in the right immigration investment options which provide the investor enough reasons to invest in the countries. These are introduced under the Caribbean Citizenship Investment Program. There are many benefits of these programs. The Caribbean citizenship by investment program are quick and are straight forward. These countries act as best retirement haven. Wealthy individuals love these places and are currently hot spots by the high net worth individuals to invest and grow.

Dominica -

Dominica’s Investment Immigration program was started in the year 1993. This program requires the immigrant to invest in one of the following manner possible –

i. A donation into Economic Diversification fund (otherwise known as the Dominica Citizenship by Donation Program)–

a. USD $100,000 if the applicant is a single individual

b. USD $175,000 if the applicant is applying along with spouse

c. USD $200,000 if the applicant is applying with spouse and two children

d. Families with more than 2 children must invest an additional sum of USD $25,000

ii. Investment in Government approved real estate which must have a minimal value of USD $200,000 which must be maintained for a minimum of 3 years. The property is eligible for resale after 5 years from the date of purchase.

Saint Lucia –

Saint Lucia is a tropical Eastern Caribbean Island which has high earning population with good landscape. The country is known for high safety. It takes 3 months for the process to complete. The investor to qualify for St. Lucia Citizenship program, needs to make the below investments in one of the 4 options–

i. National Economic Fund –

If a single investor then the amount of investment = USD $100,000

If applying with spouse investment amount = USD $ 165,000

If applying with spouse and two children, then investment amount = USD $ 190,000

ii. Real Estate –

The project should be a high-end resort or hotel or boutique property

Minimum amount of investment – USD $ 300,000

iii. Enterprise Projects –

The investor can invest in Specialty restaurants, Cruise ports and marines, Agro-processing units, Pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges roads & highways, research institutions & facilities and offshore universities. These are the enterprise projects that one can invest in.

Grenada –

Grenada is popularly known as the Spice Island. It takes less than 4 months for the immigration process to complete. The scenery of the beautiful Grenada provides enough reasons for one to invest in this island. With Grenada citizenship, one can be eligible for USA E2 treaty Visa program. To be eligible under Grenada Passport by Investment program, investor will have to invest in one of the two programs mentioned below –

i. Real Estate Investment –

a. Minimum investment of USD $350,000 for 4 members (investor, spouse and 2 children under the age of 30)

b. Maintain the property for 4 years

c. An extra USD $25,000 for every additional member.

d. If parents are accompanying, then an additions USD $50,000 as part of post approval contribution

ii. National Transformation Fund –

a. If the investor is a single person, then the investment amount if USD $150,000

B. For a family of 4 (investor, spouse and 2 children under the age of 30), investment amount of USD $200,000

C. An extra donation of USD $25,000 for every additional member

D. If parents are accompanying, then an additions USD $50,000 as part of post approval contribution

St.Kitts & Nevis –

St.Kitts & Nevis Citizenship started their citizenship by investment program in the year 1984 with an intention to increase economic foreign direct funding into the country. To qualify for this program-

i. Real Estate Investment –

Investment of USD $400,000

ii. Sustainable growth Fund –

a. Non-refundable contribution of USD $150,000 for a single investor

b. An additional USD $25,000 for spouse and USD $10,000 for every additional dependent.

Antigua & Barbuda -

To qualify for Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship program, investor has to invest in –

i. National Development Fund- An amount of USD $200,000

ii. Real Estate Investment based on the Citizenship by Investment unit guidelines

iii. Business Investment.

Investing in any of the countries of the Caribbean will help the investor to obtain dual citizenship along with a second passport which would allow the investor to travel to more than 100+ countries. These programs don’t require the investor to live in any of the countries for even a single day. These countries are famous for tourism and spices and investing in these countries will bring about a positive return on investment. The right partner needs to be chosen to help the investor to invest in the countries.

None of these countries accept the application directly. They require the investor to work with them through a registered agent.

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