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jun 8 2022 11:28:01 PM

Australia is one of the most economically rich and politically stable countries which invite skilled professionals to Australia with an intention to fill in their numerous job vacancies in the country. XIPHIAS Immigration, the top immigration consultancy firm in India, offers its services to all of its clients to help them relocate to Australia either as skilled professionals or as business investors. XIPHIAS Immigration is a registered immigration agent for Australia. We are officially registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority, Australia). Being the official immigration agent, we get regular updates about any changes in Australian Immigrations. Also, the official immigration agents will be completely trained as would be required by the Australian Government directly.

Australia has defined many pathways to help immigrations into the country. The most favored pathway being Immigration Australia 189. This independent skilled immigration pathway (Subclass 189 VISA), allows the immigrants obtain their Permanent Residency status in Australia. As Australian PR, the immigrant gets to live in any part of Australia, study and work anywhere. This program requires the applicant to submit his, his spouse and his dependents to submit their application into Australia’s Skill Select portal. The profiles in the portal will be given a score which will be used to help the profiles be graded. The scoring or points will be based on the age, education, experience, language efficiency and adaptability of the applicant and spouse. The profile will be in the skill select portal either till the time, the applicant receives his invitation to apply or for a maximum of 2 years. During this period, the applicant can change anything he wants to in the profile.

Another such program that invites skilled immigrants to Australia is Sub Class 491 or the Regional Visa. This new Regional VISA for Australia allows all interested immigrants to relocate to Regional parts of Australia. The skilled immigrants who are interested to relocate to live and work in lesser known areas of Australia, can apply under this program. While submitting their Expression of Interest in to the skill select portal, the applicant will have to mention the same in the EOI. All those provinces will be less populated and will have lesser development in comparison to main areas or cities of Australia. This program again brings in Australian PR to the applicant. The successful immigrant will have to live in that area or region to which the immigrant applied for, for a stipulated period of time. The score expected for this program is 60 points against 100.

For any of the programs, the main applicant should be between 18 years and 45 years of age. He or she should be able to submit documents that prove their age, their education, experience, adaptability and language efficiency. The spouse profile too aids in increase in the score. It would be required that the applicant’s domain should be in Australia’s current job demand list for further processing. These are applicable for any of the Skilled Worker Visa Australia programs. Another prominent visa program to relocate to Australia is Skilled Nominated Visa program or SubClass 190 Visa Program. This program is specially designed for highly qualified skilled professionals. Such professionals will get a nomination from either the state or province or from an employer local to Australia. They will need to prove the reason why such a high end professional would be required for a job there. When a skilled professional receives 190 VISA sponsorship, he will have to sign an agreement with his sponsor to work with them for a specific period of time.

Any of the visa programs should be supported by the right documentation. To apply for 189 VISA or understand the VISA 491 point system or any other pathways to relocate to Australia, XIPHIAS will always be just a call away. XIPHIAS has had a lot list of thousands of clientele who have successfully relocated to Australia. We work to help our clients achieve their dreams of relocating to the country of their choice for a better life and better opportunities.

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