Malta Residency Program

Apr 13 2022 11:28:01 PM

Investments across globe have been increasing with the increase of Globalizations of businesses. Europe being the hub for industrialization, many individuals look forward to invest in Europe. With an increase of demand for funds within the countries of Europe, many countries came up with either investment programs in exchange for either residency in the country or citizenship through European Investment Program. One such country which has come up with their investment program is Malta through their Malta Investment program.

Malta is a combination of 3 islands namely Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The country has Mediterranean climate supported by a kind of colonial culture. It provides one of the best private residence spaces in the whole of Europe. Due to its weather or due to its Government policies, Malta has become an international financial hub in the world. Due to its good tax regime, Malta is growing continuously as an international investor hub. Malta is supported by good work force, which is another reason for it to attract international investors. Just as the Cyprus Investment Program, Malta too offers a tax regime for the benefit of the investors. It can be one of the best tax regimes possible.

Malta offers one of the good education practices and provides world class education in both private and public schools. Malta is good for families wanting to live a peaceful life with as low crime rate as possible. With no inheritance tax, low corporate tax, and low capital gain tax, the taxes are best for the investor.

Malta offers two programs for investors to invest in Malta. One is the Malta Permanent Residency Program which is otherwise known as the Malta Residence and Visa Program. Through this program non-European investors can obtain European residency. With this VISA, the investor can travel across European Union with EU Residency Card. To be eligible for this program, the investor has to invest a minimum of Euro 250,000 in Government bonds. This investment should be maintained by the investor for a period of 5 years. Along with this, the investor has to make a non-refundable donation of Euro 30,000 to the Government fund and should buy a real estate property of Euro 300,000 if investing in North Malta or Comino. If the purchase will be made in Gozo or South Malta, then the property can be of Euro 270,000. Or the investor has to take a rental property on lease at Euro 12,000 per annum.

With MRVP, investor can live indefinitely in Malta. This residency is valid for 5 years of time and is renewable although the investor needs to maintain the investment only for 5 years’ time. Also, this program doesn’t need the investor to live in Malta at any given point of time. This VISA is extendable to the family members as well. Once all the paper work and process goes through, the investor will be granted his Maltese Residency certificate, which will be monitored every year for the first five years. Post which, the certificate is monitored every 5 years.

Malta’s CIB is also termed as the Malta Individual Investor Program. This is one of the most unique programs in the world. Obtaining Maltese citizenship has many advantages to it. The Maltese citizenship provides the investor with a passport that allows visa-free travel to 170+ countries. It provides the citizens the right to live, work or study in any part of the European Union and Switzerland. Malta has set a standard for the investors to comply with and that needs to be adhered to, to qualify for this program. The investor will have to make a contribution to the development of Malta, an amount of Euro 650,000, along with purchasing bonds worth Euro 150,000 along with property purchase which is worth Euro 350,000. IF the investor doesn’t want to purchase a property, then he/she will be investing in a rental property with an annual lease of Euro 12,000. In addition to this, there will be Government process fee. IF the investor is applying along with family, then the donation fee would be Euro 675,000, with no change in bonds price and real estate investments.

Although Malta Investment program looks straight forward with less documentation in comparison with other programs, it still needs proper guidance to be provided and it requires proper understanding. XIPHIAS Immigration is an international immigration firm which specializes in providing guidance and works with the client on the whole of the immigration process. XIPHIAS is partner with real estate houses and business houses in Malta as it believes following a right channel for investments. XIPHIAS follows a strict policy of transparency in the whole of the immigration process. With an experience of having provided assistance to 100s of HNIs, to invest in various countries across the globe for reasons best known, XIPHIAS is ever ready to enter into new business relationships. Every relationship taken up by XIPHIAS is maintained well and catered to. XIPHIAS, along with having a certified international immigration team is also a registered immigration agent for many countries.

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