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Nov 29 2018 11:28:01 PM

What is the Canada Investment Visa?

Canada Investment Visa allows foreign investors to enter the country's net worth and helps the country's economic growth. While investment is both active and inactive, both Visa and Citizenship eventually offer both PR Visas and Citizenship.

Canada Investment Visa Modifications

Canada's administrative administration has made changes to the Canada Investment Visa. Initially, Canada may have agreed to invest 400,000 CAD in Canada with a minimum net worth of 800,000 CAD for permanent resident in Canada through an Investor Visa process. Now, the Canadian administration has to invest a minimum net worth of $ 1.6 million CAD and $ 800,000 CAD.

The Quebec Investor Visa process is expected to develop the same changes to their process. According to statistics, the number of individuals to Canada Investor Visa will not be reduced. An additional Canadian Investment in Canada's Investment Visa procedure will increase the investment grossing by the Canadian economic situation. Behind the rise in investment and net worth needs, the value of homegrown in regions across the Asia-Pacific region will be more complicated to reach the cash needs of Canada Investor Visa.

What documents are required?



-Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

-Application Form

-Experience Letters

-Age proof

-Financial resources, etc.

You must check the 'Checklist' issued at the time of submission of the application.

Required to live in a specific State or Territory?

This depends on the specific visa type you used under. If you have selected a Central Immigration Plan to immigrate to Canada under the Central Investor Division, you can settle anywhere in the country. On the other hand, if you have taken a Provincial Constitutional Plan (PNP) or Quebec Investor Immigration Program (QIIP), you have to settle in a particular province.

Types of Investment Visa Streams?

-The IRCC offers many visa streams

-Entrepreneur Start-Up Visa Programme

Canada Investment Opportunities for Indians;

Since the 20th century, the Canadian Economy has been in high spirits and has always been in the leading developed countries in the forefront of providing many openings for business. If you are an Indian and looking for investment opportunities in Canada, then you must study Canada's trade and investment opportunities for Indians.

The western hemisphere has many advantages, as economic performance in other developed countries increases with a beautiful edge. The policies of the Canadian Government ensure a reliable and strictly pro-business policy. This country holds wide and multifaceted resources and is supported by the most stable banking and taxation policy.

Features of this Economy Include

-This led to G7 countries in GDP and the first members of the G7 member states' crisis, and the lowest credit to GDP ratio in these rich countries.

-It is the 10th most powerful economy in the world.

-Its financial system and consistency are worth it.

-It has successfully carried out the 2008 global credit crisis.

-All banking companies in Canada are well-established and growing.

-It is a natural resource conservation reserve.

-2nd largest natural oil reserves.

-Metallic and Gas Extraction are the greatest opportunities.

-It borders the world's largest consumer economy in the United States of America and has always maintained stable relationships with this country.

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