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Dec 3 2018 11:28:01 PM

The "Portudal Golden Visa" is a Portuguese residency sanctioned, as opposed to the applicant's investment in Portugal. Portugal is a quick way for investors to obtain a full-fledged residence permit in Portugal without a Golden Residence permit or Golden Visa in Portugal. The license allows visa-free travel in 26 Schengen countries and allows a European passport or permanent residence in the 6th year.

The Portugal Golden Visa program is very popular with customers and investors who wish to achieve one or all of the following customers:

-Dual citizenship for you and your family.

-Visa-free tour of Europe.

-Foreign property rights.

-Portugal Education and Jobs.

-Career, Safety, Health, Education and Livelihood Alternate Residence.

Requirements for Portugal Investor Visa;

-At least EUR 1 million capital shift to Portugal.

-Creating at least 10 jobs in Portuguese.

-Buying a real estate property of at least EUR 500,000 in Portugal.

-Buying at least 30 years old real estate property worth EUR 350,000 in areas of Portuguese urban resettlement.

-At least EUR 350,000 is invested in scientific research in Portugal.

-Investment at least 250,000 Euros in Portuguese art, culture, and tradition.

-At least 500 EUR 500,000 is invested in small and medium businesses in Portugal.

-Portugal Golden Investor visa program;

-Living and working in Portugal is at least seven days in the first year of residence in Portugal and 14 days in each subsequent day.

-Visa-free entry country to the Schengen Area.

-Family resettlement is that some family members can get a Portuguese residence.

-Access to the Portuguese health and education.

-Invest in independently in Portuguese property.

Documents for a Portugal Golden Investor Visa;

-Passport or Valid Travel ID.

-Evidence of legal recognition for Portugal (e.g. Schengen short-stay visa).

-The source of health insurance (issued within the past three months).

-Criminal Registration Certificate from Origin / Residence Country (Issued within the last three months).

-Testimonies to comply with tax and social security obligations.

-Getting a Portuguese Gold Visa Payment.

Portugal Golden Investor Visa Costs;

-Processing fee (usage and renewal) - € 513,75 (plus € 80.04 for a family member);

-The initial Golden Visa - € 5,137.50;

-The initial Golden Visa for family members - € 5,137.50;

-Renewal of Golden Visa - € 2,568.75.

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