Job skills most sought after in Canada

August 5th 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada, every year recruits thousands of individuals into the country to help itself to build a strong team of skilled professionals who can aid in building a stronger nation. Canada, by the end of year 2022, intends to invite close to a million skilled professionals into the country. The job market for foreign skilled professionals is ever increasing with the country adding more professions into the loop. The country gives a lot of weightage to health and quality of life. This is one of the prime reasons it is constantly on the look-out for professionals who can contribute for the two. It is best to a PR consultantM to relocate to Canada.

To be eligible to work in Canada, the skilled professionals, need to prove that they are economically strong to support self and their dependents, along with proving their language ability, their education and experience in the domain mentioned. Plan your Canada immigrations with help of Best Canada Immigration Consultants in your town.

The below are the top 10 job professions that are in high demand in Canada-

1. Nurses –

Canada places high importance to health. There is always a need for quality high standard nurses in Canada especially in maternity wards. There is an increasing need for skilled nurses and their assistants to care for the growing senior citizens. Need for nurses is prevalent across the country without any restriction for location. The person intending to apply as a Nurse will need to possess a degree in Nursing or a diploma. Once the nurse starts working in Canada, they will have to register with a regulatory body in the province they have started to work. Nurses, if they intend to relocate to a particular province can utilize the PNP program to relocate to the province of their choice.

2. Dentists –

Teeth issues are pain in the mouth. Need for Dentists is on a raise. Again, this profession is not restricted to any location. They are required across the country. The applicant should be a practicing professional Dentist who has obtained the degree from a University. The dentist will have to procure a license to practice from a provincial or territorial regulatory body.

3. Pharmacists –

Pharmacists with right degree from reputed universities are a welcome in Canada. Certain medicines in Canada can only be prescribed by a practicing pharmacist.

4. Audiologists –

Audiologists are professionals who help people with hearing loss or communication disorders. Audiologists or speech language therapists help people to express themselves. They work either in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Their job includes diagnosis, aid in rehabilitation and helping/engaging with individuals to help them recover. To qualify for this, you need to hold a master’s degree in Audiology or Speech-language pathology. These professionals can apply for Canada immigration through Express Entry program.

5. Software Engineers, Programmers, Designers –

IT industry in Canada is growing massively. Web, telecommunications and Mobile technology sectors are showing massive growth numbers and thus there is a lot of need for Software engineers, programmers and designers. To qualify under this category, you need to have a bachelors’ degree in computer science or related field or should be able to prove ample domain experience. Post-graduation in the field is an added advantage.

6. Engineers –

Petroleum Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mining & Geological Engineers and such other engineers are always on a high demand at all times in Canada. For you to qualify under any of these categories you need to possess a bachelors’ degree in the discipline. Masters’ degree and certifications in the mentioned discipline is always an added advantage.

7. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics-

Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics are always on high demand throughout Canada. There are not many in Canada who can fill in this category. IF your are qualified and you think you can prove yourself in this field, then you can apply for the same.

8. Data Scientists, Statisticians –

Data Analytics is the in thing currently. World is revolving around data currently and everything is getting analysed based on the past behaviors and predictive analytics is the way things are going. There is a need for Data Scientists and Statisticians who can compare and present information in the best manner possible.

9. Pilots, Flying instructors –

Flight Engineers, Flight Instructors and Pilots – three professions in the air to help and fly planes. Pilots are required to fly planes not just commercial, but also in air transport, crop spraying, aerial survey and military flights. Flight engineers are those professionals who help in conducting pre-flight inspections and tests on systems and equipment to ensure safety. Flight instructors train new pilots to fly and get a license. You should be certified from a recognized flying or aviation school to qualify for these professions. Flight engineers will need to procure additional Flight Engineer License from Canada.

10. Business Development Executives –

Conducting business is ever changing. It becomes imperative for organizations to engage people who can adapt to such changes and implement them to improve the organization. They primarily are people who develop business, who are into digital marketing and who understand the mechanics of public relations. A relative degree and experience in the domain would be sufficient for you to qualify under this program.

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