XIPHIAS : Journeying Ahead by Offering Investment Migration Solutions

SEPTEMBER 12, 2022 02:42:11 PM

XIPHIAS Immigration is one the leading immigration solutions provider. The organisation has nurtured long-term client relationships by offering innovative ideas and developed associations with global powerhouses such as Canada, UK, Australia, US and New Zealand. XIPHIAS Immigration is officially recognised by ICCRC, Canadaand MARA, Australia.

The organisation has collaborated with eminent attorneys and legislators for assistance with processes in their respective countries.

The team is knowledgeable and experienced, easy to communicate with, accessible and friendly.


The Investment Migrations Services team at XIPHIAS Immigration assists clients to identify the right countries and understand necessary investments, to obtain a second passport or permanent residence.

The Corporate Migration Services team assists corporations with immigration compliance, risk analysis and visa services. They pre-assess skilled professionals' eligibility to migrate to other countries and guide and assist them with documentation, and file their PR application through Skilled Migration Services.

The Study Abroad Services wing guides prospective students to identify the right colleges and universities in foreign destinations, complete their documentation, apply for visas, and assist with pre-departure planning.


In an unsettled, ever-changing world, wealthy individuals require a plan B for themselves and their families one that provides them with a safer place to live in times of crisis while also increasing their access to global business and lifestyle opportunities. Many countries host residence and citizenship by investment programmes, also known as golden visas, that provide a variety of appealing investment options tailored to each family's specific needs.

USA : XIPHIAS offers assistance in obtaining permanent resident status in the US, through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program.

Canada : XIPHIAS has assisted numerous enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking to establish a new business or expand an existing one in

Canada with a Canadian StartUp Visa. Accepted applicants are granted unconditional irrevocable Permanent Residence in Canada.

Europe: XIPHIAS has assisted many investors in obtaining residency in European countries like Portugal, Greece and Turkey.

The immigration programme provides wealthy individuals with a residence permit in the foreign country in exchange for a significant investment.

UK : XIPHIAS has assisted entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs establish businesses and obtain long-term visas to operate and settle in the UK. This visa also allows individuals to bring their family members to the UK for an extended stay.

Dubai : The XIPHIAS office in Dubai addresses the migration needs of individuals and corporations, while also identifying investment opportunities for HNIs in India to invest in and obtain permanent residency. Australia: The Australian Visa for business innovation and investment allows applicants to own and manage business, invest or engage in entrepreneurial activity in Australia, obtain a provisional visa and apply for permanent residency later. Caribbean: Caribbean citizenship is available for as little as USD 100,000, that allows immigrants visa free travel to over 170 countries.

XIPHIAS built an in-house ERP platform that allows to not only reach and market services to prospective clients, but also manage customers' entire lifecycle, from the time they are accepted into the immigration process to the time they land and settle in a new country.

This is in addition to HRMS and F&A functionality. During the pandemic, neither the customer nor XIPHIAS staff could meet in person to work out issues with their documentation and other requirements, so the introduction of this platform/application came in handy.

During the same time XIPHIAS was one of the first companies to start providing mobile app (iPhone and Android) based support to its immigration clients. Above all, despite the fact that all of our employees worked from home, we never lost touch with our customers.

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