Invest in Manitoba in Start-Up and get Canada PR

May 21 2022 11:28:01 PM

Manitoba, the beautiful province of Canada provides its nomination for all those investors who decide to invest in the province under its Manitoba Business Investor Visa program. Manitoba has been always successful and rich province. This province had and is house for many aboriginals of Canada. Reason for this habitation could be the rivers in Manitoba. Thus Manitoba for long has been a major hub for communities to live, grow and thrive. Manitoba’s economy is based on the natural resources available in the province. Agriculture, manufacturing, energy, forestry and tourism are other industries which majorly contribute to the economy of Manitoba.

Manitoba brings in its Business Investor Stream through the Manitoba Immigration Nomination Program. Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream has 2 major streams

1. The Entrepreneur Pathway and

2. The Farm Investor Pathway.

High net-worth Individuals who look for investing in cross border businesses can choose to invest in Manitoba through Manitoba BIS’ Entrepreneur pathway. The individual, who chooses to invest in Manitoba through this program, will have to prove his/her personal net-worth to be CAD 500,000. The minimum investment required for this program is CAD $250,000 in the major cities of Manitoba. In the rural Manitoba, it would require the investors to invest a minimum of CAD $150,000. Such a business investor will need to provide documents to prove their net worth and their business experience. The investor should have a minimum of 3 years of business experience either as an active partner or sole owner or one being part of the top management who had the right to take decisions. This business experience should have been during the immediate last 5 years prior to submission of application to Manitoba. The investor should have also achieved the language benchmark set by Canada immigrations for Canada Permanent Residency. The investor will have to also provide his/her bank statements proving that he/she can self-sustain when in Canada without having to depend on the resources local to Canada. The investor needs to provide medical certificates proving that the investor’s physical and mental state is sound and stable. The investor will have to provide certificates from the police body belonging to the place of origin of the investor which should prove that the investor is free from any kind of criminal background.

The other stream, the Farm Investor Pathway, provides a pathway for all farm enthusiasts to invest in the rich farm land of Manitoba. The farm investor will have to prove his/her acumen in Farming for a period of at least 3 years. This experience needs to be part of the 5 years immediately before the date of submission of application. The investor having experience in Agriculture based business is an added advantage. Canada Investment Immigration has always helped many investors in their quest for right investment helping them get the right returns for their investment. The farm investor will have to provide all the documentations required similar to that of any other business investor.

Either of the investor will have to enter into an agreement with the Government of Manitoba. As per this agreement, the investor will be first granted a work permit for a period of one year during which the investor will be complying with all the regulations set by the Government of Manitoba. Once these are compiled to, and then the investor will be granted a nomination, with help of which, the applicant can proceed to apply for Canada PR with the IRCC. There are a lot of advantages of securing the Canada PR. One of the biggest is to be eligible for Canada Citizenship in 4 years time. Once a business man becomes a Canadian citizenship, he has a free access to the whole of North American markets which could be a major boost for the business.

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