Importance of Investment Programs

May 29 2022 11:28:01 PM

Cross border investments are interesting propositions. Every high-net worth businessman who likes challenges and loves to expand self and their business prospects, invest in a foreign country which is also a welcome challenge for them. There are many countries which invite foreign direct investments. Most of these countries encourage foreign direct investments to help them fund their projects which could either be Government based or for research or investments in business.

Of all these categories, it is Business Investment Immigration that attracts the most number of high net-worth individuals. A thrill of doing business in a foreign land and the returns that these investments can fetch back are two things that a businessman can never forego. Each country has their own dedicated immigration program as every country has defined their own requirements and importance for the immigration programs.

1. Business Investment – From Canada to Australia, every country has many business houses running and it is these businesses that provide economic development for the country. Businesses also generate employment opportunities for many. However, many businesses would need external funding/monetary support to run the show, while this may or may not be the case. For example, Canada Owner Operator Program and UK Innovator VISA are amazing investment programs that help the investors to choose a business house where they would want to invest. Although the investor will initially go with a work permit or temporary visa to Canada, Canada eventually (1-2years) provides permanent residency for all its business investors. UK provides its investors the best possible support and infrastructure. Although initially, the investor gets a temporary visa, he later as and when fulfills all the regulations, will be given with residency in UK. Most of the European countries provide Europe permanent residency for Indians or for anybody who would invest in Europe.

2. Farm Investments

Canada and Australia are the only two countries which allow foreign direct investment in farm land. The investors can utilize any of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs to invest in the farmland. There are few farmers from India alone who have bought land in US and Canada and have developed multi-million dollar businesses through their investment in farm land. It is however, important that the investor can prove his or her farm experience to qualify for this program.

3. Influx of innovative ideas and growth of economy –

Canada invites innovators to set up amazing businesses in their country by providing them opportunities to set up business in the country with help of all established organizations there through there Canada Start-up Visa program. UK too encourages birth of new businesses through new innovative ideas in UK. What they need is to provide employment opportunities for as many people possible and also the business should be scalable internationally.

4. Real Estate Boom-

Countries in Europe and Caribbean Islands invite investors to invest in the real estate of these countries. Many countries which provide this are countries which have tourism as their backbone. Investing in Real Estate is one of Portugal Golden Visa requirements. Countries like Cyprus, Monaco, Greece, Malta too encourage Real Estate investment to obtain residency there. The Caribbean countries offer citizenship by investment to all those investors who look to invest in the real estate of Caribbean. Caribbean islands provide best second passport programs.

Since most of these countries have beautiful beaches, with tourism and farming of spices being top most economy bounds here, the return of investment is very good. And Real Estate always has a positive growth.

5. Funds for Research and development programs –

Now other than the real estate, farm and business investments, few countries invite foreign direct investments to support their research and development. Portugal Angel Investor Program invites all those interested in funding research works to invest in the R&D works of Portugal and France. This is one of the easiest and cheapest modes of obtaining European Permanent Residency.

6. Funds for Government Projects –

Countries like Vanuatu clearly declare that they need foreign direct investment to develop their countries to lack of funds. Vanuatu provides its Vanuatu CIB to all those who are ready to invest in the country’s development. Similarly, few programs in the countries of the Caribbean require that the investor provides a donation to the National fund which will be used for the Government projects within the country. Grenada’s CIB program is one of the most important ones as it provides access to USA through their E2 VISA Program. Similar funding is also expected by few European countries which provide permanent residency to the investors.

7. Development Projects –

As said earlier, foreign funds will be used by the countries where ever it can cover the costing of the project. Development of many public utilities and businesses is important to provide proper living for the citizens of the country. Such countries where your funds are used for development projects provide you with a powerful second passport which can help you travel to more than 100 countries visa free. All the family of investor can get benefitted through the investments. The future generations of all the families will get their citizenship of the country through naturalization. However, it is important to take right investor visa guidance to invest. Most of the countries do not encourage investors directly approaching them for any of the investment programs. Caribbean island countries are very particular that the investors should approach them through registered immigration agents only.

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