ICCRC Registered agents – Get a broad idea about who you can trust with your migration dreams.

Nov 23, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Relocating to another country is a matter to be handled with at most cares. Although countries like Canada and Australia allows direct application from the aspirant, it is always safe to apply with help from immigration agents. The right immigration firm will be someone who is registered with the agent registration authority in the respective country. For Canada, the immigration agent should be registered with the ICCRC – Immigrations consultants of Canada regulatory council. ICCRC was set up to protect the interests of aspirant migrants intending to relocate to Canada. This council ensures that you have the right approach and right knowledge while being with the right kind of people to guide through the whole process.

ICCRC’s whole mission revolves around consumer protection for the immigration services through effective regulation of immigration consultants. There are many RCICs registered with the ICCRC. It is highly recommended that you work with an ICCRC registered immigration firm who can help you easy access to a RCIC. To relocate to Canada, it is good to work with immigration consultants like RCIC for any of the immigration programs including the Express Entry system.

The below are some of the responsibilities of a RCIC -

Evaluation – Getting your profile evaluated is key. It is important that you understand where you stand and work upwards from there. There could be many things that you need to address before submitting your application. It is important to get your profile completely assessed and then take steps as would be required. A registered immigration consultant is the only person authorized to give you such an evaluation report.

Advising you – Based on the evaluation report, you need to be guided with the best course possible you need to take to relocate to Canada. Since a RCIC is completely knowledgeable about the Canada immigration process, he/she will be able to guide you what best suits your requirement. They could tell you which path way to undertake, the cost that you would incur and the processes involved. This they can do based on your future ideas. They will have complete knowledge about Canada Permanent Residency Programs.

Strategizing your immigration process – Canada has more than 70 immigration pathways and each of them are unique and yet there are a lot of similarities. For example, Provincial Nominee Program is not the same as Express Entry system. Each province has their own immigration pathways defined which address a section of immigrants for who they have a demand and the processing for each could be variant. It is important to identify these tiny differences and address the pathway according to the way the Province or Canada’s Federal government requires. Hence it is required that you strategize your approach and work with a RCIC to ensure smooth relocation to the country. You will be provided with a checklist of documents you require, a checklist of things you got to do before proceeding with the application. The consultants will help you prepare your application, scrutinizing your papers and then proceeding as would be necessary.

Step by step guidance – A RCIC will be working with you closely to ensure nothing is left out. They will help you with getting you the right employment certificates as required by the immigration authorities, along with the right documental evidence that you would need to prove your stand. They will help you prepare a strong cover letter in the manner that the IRCC would need. This cover letter should cover all of your qualifications, your strengths and your achievements.

Submission of application – A RCIC has the right to submit application on your behalf. It is better to take professional help as they ensure to check all the documents supporting your application form before proceeding for further steps. Once the application is submitted, a file number will be generated and the RCIC will communicate the same to you along with the letter from the Visa office. This could be very useful when you are applying for family too through the Family VISA program.

Tracking and updating – The RCIC will also be tracking your application in a timely manner and will be updating you the progress as would be necessary. This is highly important as at any point of time, the immigration authorities might ask for inputs from you for your application or could demand for more documents. They need to addressed as and when they pop-up. They are kind of a mediator between the Canada government and you during the whole process.

A qualified RCIC is a person who is highly professional in nature and take things in their stride as would require on your behalf. They are qualified to help you with either skilled migrations or Business migration programs.Approach the right immigration firm to have a safe and sound migration to the country.

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