How actually Canada & Australia Skilled Immigration process goes on.

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XIPHIAS Immigration brings across a numerous immigration programs to help our clients relocate to Canada, USA, Australia and other countries which invite immigrants either as skilled professionals or as investment immigrants. We are one of the best VISA and Immigration consultant provides in India. XIPHIAS Immigration is based in Bangalore and was started in the year 2008. XIPHIAS was started with an intention to help ease the stress of emigrants. It became part of our services to counsel the families wanting to emigrate with the primary reason to assure them what XIPHIAS can do to help them emigrate to the countries of their choice with limited or no stress. XIPHIAS has been successful to help thousands of individuals to relocate as skilled immigrants. XPHIAS has worked with 100s of High net worth individuals to invest in the countries of their choice which could help them achieve their goals what they set out for. XIPHIAS also works with corporates to help them with their business travel, relocation needs and their corporate legal needs. XIPHIAS has also been lucky to help many students wanting to move to countries where they can pursue their dream education.

Canada, the country located in Northern America, and which is a neighbor to USA, is looking to invite a million skilled professionals into the country to help them fill in their job vacancies. There are multiple pathways that Canada has defined to help professionals and investors obtain their entry into Canada. However, after the introduction of Canada’s Express Entry system, 90% and more of the people who were relocated to the country have passed through this system. But for one’s profile to be part of the Express Entry Portal, they will have to fulfill Express Entry Canada requirements. There are certain parameters that the immigrations have defined. If and only if these parameters are addressed will the profile be part of the Express Entry portal. There are few factors based on which the profiles in Express Entry system will be ranked. Based on the ranks the profiles will be further taken into consideration.

The other famous pathway into Canada is their Canada Immigration Provincial Nominee Program. As per this program, anybody who has a preference to move to a particular province in Canada can apply under this program. Canada has around 10 provinces and each of them have their own defined PNP pathway. Currently, most of the PNPs are also tied up with Federal Express Entry system.

Just as Canada is interested to invite as many skilled professionals as possible, another country that would be interesting for skilled professionals is Australia. Australia, too invites both skilled professionals and business investors to the country. Both Australia and Canada offer Permanent Residency status to the immigrants on their successful inclusion into the country. 4-5 years down the line, the permanent residency holders earn their eligibility to citizens of the country. Australia’s most sought after immigration program is the Skilled Independent VISA program. This program allows the immigrants to live, study and work in any part of Australia. The immigrants become permanent resident holders and they will also be sponsors who have the right to invite the eligible willing candidates to relocate to Australia. This program is applied to the immediate family of the main applicant. The children who can join them will be dependent children below the age of 18 years.

Documentation which supports the applicant’s stand is the most important part for successful immigration to either Canada or Australia or any part of the world. All of the documents should be provided in the right manner and well presented. One of the most important parts is language test results. One needs to achieve the language benchmark set by any of the countries they are applying to. Australian Immigration procedure too follows this protocol. XIPHIAS immigration has always helped our clients go through this documentation diligently. We have a team which helps our clients get clear documents and go through the right tests. 189 PR (permanent residency) VISA helps the immigrants live their dream in Australia. Similar to this program is the 491 Skilled Work Regional visa program. However, this program is for all those who would want to explore the regional Australia. They will need to express the same in their Expression of Interest which the applicant needs to submit into the SKILL SELECT portal of Australia Immigrations.

The Skill Select Portal is similar to that of Express Entry portal. However, the Skill Select portal allows the profile to be part of it till a period 2 years. During this period, the applicant can make as many changes as they would need to do. The only point that needs to be adhered is that, the applicant will have to submit supporting document proof for the same. There is one more immigration program which is also quite famous and that is SubClass 190 or Skilled Nominated Program. VISA Subclass 190 requirements are more or less the same as the other visa programs. However, this program requires that the applicant has a nomination from a state or any Government or from any employer based in Australia.

XIPHIAS Immigration has good amount of experience in the field of immigrations and is ready to help its clients the best manner possible. Reach out to us for any kind of immigration query you could have.

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