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May 9 2019 11:28:01 PM

Highly eligible Professionals in the field of architecture, engineering, arts, laws, accounting, mathematics, sciences, medicine, education or businesses are applicable to go to the USA on H-1B visa. You need to have a Sponsorship to be eligible for this visa. This is a non-immigrant visa and a dual intent visa. Dual intent visa means that your temporary work visa can be converted into a Permanent Resident Visa (Green Card). There is no restriction to work under multiple US employees. However, multiple employment would need you to have each employer I-129 petition form as approval.

What are the requirements for the H-1B visa?

Applicant should hold US bachelors or masters or an equivalent degree.

You must have Job offer letter for a professional occupation level.

You require demonstrating your knowledge.

2 years of work experience.

How long H-1B visa holder able to stay in the US?

Stay time is about 3 years.

Additional 3-year extension.

Maximum 10 years of extension for a specific type of work.

H-1B Visa process:

1. Finding US sponsor for H-1B Visa

2. Submitting LCA (Labor Conditions Approval)

After the Applicant is hired by the US company, submit LCA to DOL (Department of Labor) which tells about various job factors. DOL ensure that the entire employer requirement meets.

3. Submitting Form I-129

File the petition for a non-immigrant worker with form I-129 After approval of LCA. The employer must carry, fees, education, experience evaluation, training certificates, any professional membership document, resume, and offer letter with him.

4. Final step

After approval of the petition, the application process gets completed at your home country's US embassy office (or) consulate.

What are the benefits of the H-1B visa or USImmigration?

Able to work under multiple US employees.

You can make unlimited times H-1B visa application.

Dual intent visa

Multi-entry visa.

New skill adoption.

Efficiency (or productivity) in work.

Good income.

Medical and health facilities.

Disability insurance and retirement plans

Good lifestyle

Access to free primary education

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