France Talent Passport Program

Apr 15 2022 11:28:01 PM

XIPHIAS Immigration, the top immigration firm located in Bangalore brings to fore the France Talent Passport Program which in fact is the France Investment Residency program. XIPHIAS being an international immigration and investment supporter is registered immigration agent for many countries across the globe. XIPHIAS Immigration believes in holding on and maintaining as many relationships as possible while making business easy and accessible to all its clients. XIPHIAS Immigration has partnered with many business houses in France to ensure proper guidance and relocation for the investor in France.

Through France Talent Passport program, investors with business experience are invited into France to do one of the following-

1. Start a new Business or buy business in France

The investor will have to prepare the right kind of business plan and submit the same. This business plan should define the path of the business, what it can offer to France, how it works and the characteristics of the project.

Such a company can be of any commercial or artisanal or industrial in nature. Each of the three categories, however need to abide by the relative rules as defined by the French Government.

Minimum investment is Euro 30,000. The investor will have to have a master’s degree or equivalent and should have business or professional experience during the last 5 years before applying. The investor will first get a “Passport Talent” VISA, which is a long-stay VISA. Within 2 months of arrival in France, the investor needs to prove his compliance and apply for multi-year residence permits. The France’s Permanent Residence is valid for a period of 4years and is further extendable.

However, the investor can apply the “Passport Talent” Visa for a period of only 12 months and need not extend stay in France. Under such circumstances, the investor needs to validate the same within 3 months of arrival in France. Your documentation in detail will be handled by XIPHIAS Immigration.

This is one of the most sought out among the European Investment Immigration Program.

2. Direct Economic Investment

Direct Economic investment includes investment in social capital of 10% and more which could be either in equity capital or in real estate or to increase capital gain. Else it could be reinvested earnings which mean investment in undistributed share in operating income of subsidiaries and other investments. Else the investor can provide direct loan to the business group termed as “Inter-affiliate loans”.

The investor gets initially the “Passport Talent” Visa and within 2 months of arrival in France, the investor will have to apply for France PR which is valid for 4 years. Depending on the need of the investor, it can be renewed.

XIPHIAS Immigration, top investor immigration firm in India, provides every possible guidance and assistance for its clients to help them relocate to France and obtain French PR

3. Engage in an innovative economic project recognized by a Public body

You need to present your Economic project which should be totally justifiable and should be possible to develop in France. Such a project should be recognized and approved by a Public body.

The investor again gets his Passport Talent Visa to France under the Skilled Residence Permit for Innovative economic project and within 2 months of arrival in France, the investor needs to apply for their multi-year France Residence Permit which is valid for 4 years time. However, if the investor doesn’t need to extend his stay beyond 12 months in France, then he can apply for a long term Passport Talent Visa which is equivalent to Residence Permit. However, the same must be validated within 3 months of the investor’s arrival in France.

Along with the rest of the documents required, the investor will have to present the notification document from the public body. Things apart, you will have to prove your financial subsistence in France for self and dependents.

4. Take a corporate appointment in French Company

You are part of the management group who wants to open a branch in France, this can be utilized. You need to be part of the senior management who has the authority to take decisions on behalf of the corporate. You should have been engaged in the corporate for a period of no less than a year. You should have a mandate of your self being a legal representative for the corporate in France. You should be able to prove your pay scale competitive enough.

You will be provided with “Passport talent” VISA under Skilled Residence Permit as Company representative. And within 2 months of arrival in France you need to apply for your France Permanent Residence which will be provided to you for a period of 4 years. The same can be renewed as required.

XIPHIAS Immigration provides its international immigration support to all those investors interested to relocate to countries either to obtain their Permanent Residence in the country or get their Citizenship in the country of investment through their Citizenship by Investment Program. With help of our representatives and legal team, we provide Corporate Legal Services to all our clients who would want to do a business investment in a foreign country. Partner with us to know what smooth investment and clean immigration could mean.

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