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Nov 29 2018 11:28:01 PM

The introduction of Skilled Visa Australia has given an opportunity to those who wish to immigrate to Australia and contribute towards the growth of Australia and its economy. The Skilled Worker Visa in Australia facilitates many people with different skills, individuals who are specialists in specific fields and the individuals who have the potential to build the size and increase the skill level of Australian workers. If any applicant is sponsored by the Australian employer or approved by state territory or the government under a State Migration Plan, then that applicant will get an extra added benefit for getting the Visa.

To immigrate to Australia, Australian governments have introduced four different types of immigration program, and each program as its own purpose and requirements. Applicant should go through all the details of each visa type and make sure they are eligible before they migrate to Australia.

1. Skilled Migration based on Points

In this immigration type, the candidate has to take a test. Based on the scored points in the test, Australia government decides the applicant’s skill level, check the ability level to work in Australia. If the applicant, score the required points, then they will be selected to contribute to the growth of the Australia economy.

2. Permanent Employer Sponsored Program

Australian permanent employer can sponsor any foreign candidate to work in their business. The applicant can migrate to Australia once they complete all the immigration procedures.

3. Business Investment and Innovation Program

This program permits talented business people who are a successful and trustworthy history of achievement in business and advancement to move to Australia.

4. Recognized Talent

People who have a special skill in them and people who are famous internationally in the field like sports, musicians, and artists are eligible to apply for this type of immigration.

There are 5 visa types through which one can immigrate to Australia:

1. Australian Skilled Independent Visa Program (Subclass 189): –

This visa is for the set of people who move to Australia with a points-based system and the people who are not sponsored by any family member or Australian employer or Australian the government are allowed to work in Australia as a permanent resident.

2. Australia Skilled Nominated Visa Program (Subclass 190): –

Skilled Nominated 190 Visa: This Visa is for the set of people who move to Australia with a points-based system and the people who are sponsored by any family member or Australian employer or Australian government and are allowed to work and live in Australia as a permanent resident.

3. Australia Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa Program (Subclass 489): –

This kind of Visa enables gifted specialists to live and work in certain predetermined areas. This kind of Visa permits skilled worker visa to work and live in a fixed area of Australia under skilled migration Australia for a time period of max 4 years. One can get this visa only through invitation.

4. Australia Temporary Skilled Worker Visa (Subclass 457): –

This type of visa makes the applicant move to Australia and allows working in a nominated company for a max of 4 years of time period. The applicant is eligible only if they are sponsored by the nominated company through which they are moving to Australia.

5. Australia Skilled Employer General (Subclass 186): –

This type of visa is a permanent visa for a skilled worker that allows a candidate to work in Australia under the following category:

-The Temporary Residence Transition Stream

-The Direct Entry Stream

-The Agreement Stream

6. Australia Sponsored Skilled Employer Regional (Subclass 187): –

This type of visa is for a skilled worker and they are sponsored by a company in Australia. This 187 visa provide the following 3 streams

1.The Temporary Residence Transition Stream

2.The Direct Entry Stream

3.The Agreement Stream

Know Eligibility Criteria to move to Australia through Australia Skilled Migration Programs:–

1.Candidate should get an invitation from the Australia government to apply for Australia Skilled Migration Program

2.The candidate must be assigned for an occupation on a related list of skilled occupation.

3.The candidate has to score the required points to migrate to Australia.

4.The candidate should be good in English.

5.The candidate age must be less than 50 years.

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