Experience the beauty & heritage of Portugal by investing in the country

August 24 2022 11:28:01 PM

Cross border Investments is a strong proposition for all those high net-worth individuals who intend to invest in countries across the globe. Such an investment usually brings higher returns on Investments, residency/citizenship for the investor and increase in personal net-worth. However, to make a successful investment, the investor should partner with the right immigration firm which is highly experienced in the field of International investments. These International Investment immigration consultant firms are those who can guide to make the right investment in the right direction. One of the European countries which provide amazing pathways for investors to invest in the country is Portugal.

Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with rich heritage and culture. The country is famous for its architecture, museums, landscapes, beaches and famous navigators including Vasco Da Gama who came to India through Cochin, Kerala. Portugal invites foreign investors to invest in the country directly to enhance funding for their economy and development projects in the country. It is better to work with Top immigration consultants in India to understand the best immigration program that would help the investors invest in Portugal.

With Portugal investments one gets residency permit in Portugal. The investor needs to live in Portugal for only 7 days per year to maintain residency in Portugal. Portugal residency is granted for the main investor, his/her spouse and children below the age of 18. The investor would receive his visa in 3-6 months period. The investor will be qualified for Portugal citizenship in 5 years’ time period.

Portugal has in the recent past increased the number of hotels in the country. Hospitality business is on the raise in the country along with the manufacturing and technology industry. Due to this increase, Portugal’s real estate is booming. Portugal provides many pathways through their Portugal Residency Visa program for investors to choose to, to obtain the residency in the country.

i. Portugal Golden Visa through Real Estate Investment Program –

This program requires the investor to invest €500,000 in a new approved real estate of Portugal or invest a minimum of €350,000 in a building which is 30 years old but with a promise to renovate the same. The investor through this will be investing and achieving the visa through Portugal Golden Visa Program.

ii. A high net-worth individual can invest in a running enterprise in Portugal or start a new enterprise there, both of which should create job opportunities for a minimum of 10 local citizens/residents of Portugal.

iii. Another path to qualify for residency through Golden visa is a donation of €250,000 towards the organizations that work for the maintenance and development of cultural heritage & artistic institutions of Portugal.

iv. Another interesting program that Portugal offers is the Portugal Angel Visa program through which interested investors can invest in the Research & Development projects undertaken by Portugal and France. The investor will be investing a minimum of €350,000 to qualify for this program.

v. Another program through which investor can invest and obtain Portugal residency visa is by investing to acquire shares of certain company. Such an investment requires the investor to invest a minimum of €350,000.

Portugal is one of the cheapest investment destinations which bring the right kind of returns for the investors. Portugal has a sleuth of investment options which caters to different needs of different high net-worth individuals. Portugal citizenship provides second passport to the investor. With help of this passport the investors will get to travel to more than 120 countries visa free. Portugal allows dual citizenship. However, to qualify for citizenship there are certain regulations that the investor will have to follow. It is best to play safe by working with experienced international investor immigration consultancy firm to ensure the investment is made in the right place.

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