European Investment for Permanent Residency Visa

March 7 2020 11:28:01 PM

The European Investment for Permanent Residency VISA Programs cover every variety of investment plan for all cross-border investments covering every requirement of High Net Worth Individuals. Investment VISA procured in Europe has numerous benefits for the investor apart from the guaranteed Return on their Investment.

Europe- one of the 7 continents of the world can easily be declared as the most united continents. European countries are known to co-operate with each other and grow together. They came up with the European Union to help one another at the time of crisis. One of the best examples for this stand-out is the country of Greece. With an intention to increase the direct foreign investments in each of the countries in the continent, the European countries came up with varied investment programs which fetch the investors Permanent Residency in the country where they invested.

Such investors who invest in the European countries, get to travel to any country which is part of the European Union and the Schengen Area, visa free. The investors get to move around expanding their business prospects in any part of these areas mentioned. They are free to work and study in any of the European union countries. Immediate family members of the investors with nominal extra fee can obtain the same benefits as the investor self. The investors can bring their children below a certain age limit defined by the countries along with them as Permanent Residents to the country. They enjoy the same benefits as a citizen of the country does.

Most European countries are declared developed and hence the living conditions in these countries can be considered to be at par with the world. With most countries having industrialization and information technology as their backbone of their economy for growth and development, it becomes even more necessary and important place to help connect with the rest of the world. These countries provide a tax regime that would help the investor. Most residency VISA programs are renewable, and few lead the investor to qualify for the country’s citizenship.

Every European country have defined their individual Permanent Residency VISA program through investments, and each have their own set of benefits for the investor. The investment programs defined by countries like Portugal, France, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Ireland are few of the most sought-after investment programs.

There are different modes of investment that each of the country have defined to encourage and support the requirement of the investors. Investing in Real Estate is the most popular one in countries like Germany, Cyprus, Malta among others. However, countries like Germany, France, Cyprus, Portugal have a mode of investment in business -either running or start up. There are other countries which encourage investment in Government bonds which will fetch a definite return on investment.

In Portugal, the Government devised 2 different modes of investment which are completely different from most other investment programs for Residency Visa. While Portugal Golden VISA helps investors, who want to invest in the Real Estate, the Portugal Angel VISA program is unique in many ways. The Portugal Angel VISA program allows investors to invest in the country’s chosen Research and Development projects. It is one of the lowest investment programs. The investor gets to choose the R&D project they would want to invest in. The investor gets also an insight about the progress of the R&D project. The investor can invest in the real estate of Portugal or France at any given point of time under this Portugal Angel Investor program.

France’s Investor Immigration Program otherwise known as the France’s Talent Passport Program is one of the most famous investor programs. Again, France has provided various modes of investment in France. One of them being investment in the commercial or industrial assets of the country. This investment plan can be executed by the investor on a whole or through one of the companies where the investor as a minimum of 30% stake. Investing in France helps the investor a guaranteed Permanent Residency VISA for 10 years in the country.

Germany’s investment plans with its multiple modes of investment, allows investor to invest either in the country’s real estate or in the country’s business. Living in Germany is a blessing. The investor gets a D-Visa for Germany which is valid for 90 days. Once the investor completes all the formalities, the investor will be allotted the renewable Permanent Residency permit to Germany for a period of 5 years. It would take a minimum of 8years of time in Germany for the investor to become eligible for German citizenship. Germany residency Investment program

Greece investor program is known as the Greece golden VISA program. It is one of the most affordable residency investment programs in the whole of Europe Investment Immigrations. Investor interested in investing in Greece, can invest in the Real Estate of the country. Greece is known for its beautiful landscapes and its amazing history. Tourism is one of the top modes of economy for Greece.

There is one unique investment program in Europe, which could help investors qualify for US EB-5 Green Card program and that is Ireland’s Investment Visa Program. Ireland’s Investment Visa Program ensures the investor get his/her permanent residency visa status in Ireland. Along with that, the investor, easily qualifies for the US EB -5 VISA Program. It is a short cut to enter USA. This is because of an agreement between Ireland and the USA. As per the program, the investor invests in the real estate of Ireland, which would be further maintained for a minimum period of 5 years.

Apart from the above-mentioned countries, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland, Latvia, Spain, Monaco, Lithuania are few other countries from Europe which gladly offer their Permanent Residency Program for Investors.

With a surge in cross border investments, due to the growing business across the globe and due to globalization, the world is more connected and the need for investment is on a raise. Most of the success of such investments depend on the right kind of documentation and understanding the personal need for investment. Not every investment is for every investor. They are unique and they are designed specially to cater to the different kinds of investor requirements. And in today’s date, it is important to find the right guide who can help one to choose the right investment.

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