Enjoy The Best quality of life in Canada

Nov 18, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada has been adjudged as the best country to live in by US News for 5th Consecutive year. The quality of life was judged based on the below parameters –

i. Job market - Canada post covid19 shutdown, has started its journey back to its economic recovery. Starting from August, Canada has been seeing a steady growth of reduction in unemployment rates. Canada is taking few drastic economic decisions to ensure employment for all qualified. Canada invites skilled professionals from across the globe to fill in their job vacancies. In exchange for the contributions of the skilled professionals, the country provides them Canada Permanent Residency.

ii. Affordability – Cost of living in Canada varies from city to city. However, on an average a family of 4 would need a minimum of CAD $5000. With the kind of life quality one gets to enjoy in Canada, the price one spends is much less in comparison with countries offering equivalent quality of life. Three most sought after provinces to relocate to in Canada are Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

iii. Economic stability – Canada is the 11th largest economy in the world and is mostly stable. Economically, Canada has seen extensive growth in the last 3 decades and Canada has always declared that one of the reasons for their growth is the growth of the right immigration population in the country. One of the best immigration programs to relocate to Canada is Canada’s Express Entry system. This system was introduced in the year 2015 and since has been one of the favorites to recruit the right skilled personnel into the country. There are atleast 5 immigration pathways that are directly linked with the express entry system

iv. Family-friendly level – One of the major reasons why Canada has been the favorite for migrants is the fact that the country believes in having family close to one another. Canada has always invited families into the country while also encouraging parents and grandparents to migrate to Canada through their Family visa program. Canada encourages community living and thus promotes a lot of festivals.

v. Politically stability – Canada has always been a country which is stable both economically and politically. Canada has always encouraged citizens of Canada to participate in the administration of the country irrespective of their origins. Canada has thus ensured a balance in the politics of the country.

vi. Safety – Canadians rarely own weapons. Canada has always been a safe country with very less incidents of violence being reported across. Canada’s police system is well maintained. More than 1/3rd of Canada population is made up of migrants and yet the country has faced very less violence. One of the major immigration programs that is very famous is Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program.

vii. Education system – Canada provides free education for all individuals till the time they clear their 12th grade. Canadian education system is accepted world-wide. The university studies in Canada are world-class and they offer education in engineering stream, science stream and arts stream. The certifications obtained from Canada are accepted world-wide.

viii. Health care system – Canada’s health insurance is one of the best programs in the world. It covers all the medical expenses incurred. The individual need not really worry about having to pay out their pockets as most of the medical bills are covered. The history of the individual is well-recorded.

ix. Pollution free Air – Canada, although is a developed country, it still is able to maintain sane levels of quality air and water. Canada has always ensured that its natural forests and water bodies are well maintained. Canada believes in holistic development and that’s one of the reasons why Air levels in Canada is far better in comparison many other countries.

x. Utilities in Canada – Every day utilities required for survival are provided by authorized agencies in Canada. They ensure quality service.

To relocate to Canada, one needs to work with the immigration firms which are registered with ICCRC. Such firms will have in-depth knowledge about the best immigration pathway that would help you realize your dreams. The key to successful migration is submission of application in the right manner along with submission of right documents. This is the first and most crucial step in relocation to Canada. Hence, this step should be well-prepared and planned. It is best to work with the right immigration firm to ensure smooth relocation.

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