EB-5 - Invest; Run your investment and relocate to USA.

Nov 3, 2022 11:28:01 PM


American dream is becoming tougher by the day with its counterparts gaining more prominence amongst the skilled professionals to help them gain their foot hold in pursuit for a better job and better livelihood. However, there can never be a dearth for business investment opportunities in USA. USA was, is and will always be one of the top destinations to invest and grow. Many individuals have come to USA in pursuit of better living and opportunities.

Immigrant Indians in any part of the world have proven to be active contributors in building the economy of any country they are part of. They have also actively participated in creating opportunities. In the past few years, many Indians have been given US citizenship in recognition of their contributions in USA. One of the most important immigration program through which one can relocate to USA is the EB-5 program.

EB-5 program is investment immigration program which requires that the investor invest in USA. The USA EB-5 program was started in the year 1990.

To be eligible for this program, you need–

i. To invest a minimum of USD $900,000 if investing in TEA (targeted employment area) or USD $500,000 if investing in non-TEA.

ii. Provide proofs that you are a person of good background

iii. Be of 21 years and above

With the investment, you will need to generate a minimum of 10 jobs in USA.

Where can you invest –

i. Real estate of USA

ii. Running business in the USA

In the recent times, many business houses in USA are inviting foreign investments directly in to their projects. However, it is safe to invest in USA through an investment immigration expert. One of the most proliferous immigration firms who can help you invest in USA is XIPHIAS Immigration. XIPHIAS maintains a good relationship with many of the business houses in USA. They tie up with them to provide right solutions for their clients.

XIPHIAS has recently tied-up with HYATT group of hotels. HYATT is coming up with their new project in the center of Hollywood and they are inviting investments from across the globe. The project is labeled “HYATT Tommie”. The project has been approved and is under construction.

The Tommie HYATT project is a 7-storey building and has around 212 units in total. Based on the amount of investments you make, you will be awarded the units. To qualify for the project, you need to invest a minimum of USD $ 900,000. With this project, with each of your investment you can create 21 jobs for the locals there.

Benefits of this project-

1. You will be awarded Green Card

2. You will be creating jobs

3. You can relocate to USA with your family

4. Eventually, this residency permit leads to Citizenship of the country

5. The future citizens born in the USA will be granted citizenship of the country.

6. This program does not require you to prove your language efficiency

The US Green card for Indian applicants is moving at a fast pace. The status for progression of applications for Indians who are ready to invest in this program is current. That is to say that the process could get completed in few months without any delays. Once the I-526 petition is approved, you can proceed to apply for Green card

XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the most proficient international investment immigration firms who has the knowledge and experience of helping investors invest in countries beyond their borders. XIPHIAS believes in maintaining transparency in every deal of theirs. XIPHIAS believes in having holistic long term relationships with their business partners and clients alike. We bring your dreams to life. XIPHIAS Immigration is an expert in both skilled immigrations and international investments.

About International Investments – International investments are profound investment programs that have been defined by multiple countries intending to attract foreign direct investment either in real estate of the country or in the business of the country. There are multiple benefits that the investor would gain due to the investments he/she makes. One of which is residency or citizenship of the country where they invest. It is advisable to work with the right investment partner to ensure safe investments with desired returns.

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