Despite the pandemic, Canada's aiming high for immigration

Nov 2, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada is fast getting back to its feet since the Corona lockdown. The country still intends to fill in their job requirements with help of foreign skilled professionals while also inviting businessmen; both of which would help them achieve their economic progress.

Canada, in this pursuit, has released their plans for the immigrations between 2021 -23. It has just come-up with its most intricate plan for immigrations. The country has changed its plans and has extended its immigration plans to 2023. By 2023, Canada intends to invite a minimum of 1.2 million new Canada Permanent Residents into the country. This, the country has declared that it would be one of the main ingredients for Canada to recover from Covid-19. It indicates that Canada will be inviting more than 400,000 permanent residents every year into the country.

Canada has always indicated that the economic immigrants into the country have actively participated in building the country’s economy. Canada permits all citizens irrespective of their origin participate in the administration of the country. Canada’s growing aged population and low birth rate are the many triggers for them to increase their working population. Canada intends to provide Permanent residency for successful immigrants which will eventually lead to Citizenship.

There has been a huge gap between the number of un-employees and the number of job requirements in the country. Despite the same, the country is going big on its immigration plans as it believes in the recovery of economy soon and this they intend to be an approach to get the right population as a work force. There are more than 70 immigration programs initiated by Canada. Of these the below immigration programs are the most sought after –

1. Express Entry Program –

2. Canada Provincial nominee program

3. Rural Northern Immigration Pilot program

Express Entry Program was started in the year 2015 as a pilot project. It got its status in the year 2017 after its stupendous success. Express Entry program requires that you have a proper profile set up in the Express Entry system. You will need to submit your application or Expression of Interest through your profile along with the supporting documents. The profile will be given a score based on the 5 to 6 factors. Once the score is set, the profiles in the Express Entry pool will be ranked and will be selected for next step of processing. Canada in the recent past has tied most of its immigration programs with Express Entry system due to kind of efficiency the system has proved.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program was started during the mid-90s. Before the advent of PNP programs, all provinces had to simply accept the immigrants into the province and only those who were ready to relocate to the said province. However, since PNP came into existence, most provinces in the country are able to choose the best immigrants who would fit into the province. 10 provinces of Canada participate in the PNP program and each of the provinces has multiple immigration pathways to invite both skilled migrants and businessmen into the country. The selected applicants will be provided with the Province’s nomination. Once the applicant receives the nomination, they can proceed to apply for Permanent residency with IRCC.

Rural Northern Immigration Pilot Program –

Rural Northern Immigration Pilot program is a program designed to support smaller communities. Under this program, these smaller communities will invite the immigrants into their community where the foreign skilled workers will live and work for the upliftment of the communities. You can submit your application online. There are certain regulations you will have to follow to become part of these communities which could be exclusive to such communities. It’s one of the easiest immigration pathways into Canada.

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