Current news of Canada immigration Process in 2020

May 8 2022 11:28:01 PM

Immigration services in India have taken a big lash with the current situation. However, things are not really bad. Most of the countries like Canada and the Caribbean islands have already restarted the process of immigration into the country, although the process steps are being carried out online. Migration to other countries in search of better life and living is inevitable. Destinies of human lives are varied and each individual chooses their own path of life. Living a better life through bettering one’s economic conditions is a primary necessity in today’s world. This said, many countries with low population and high demand for skilled professionals are looking to recruit foreign candidates to fill in their vacancies with in the country. There is a high demand for direct foreign investments too in many countries. Each of these provide either permanent residency in the country which would eventually lead the individual a qualification to apply for the country’s citizenship. In few countries, they offer direct citizenship for all those high networth individuals looking to invest in the country.

Be it Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program or Canada’s start-up program, both of them provide the individual applying for them a Permanent Residency in Canada. However, each of the program is different and unique. And both the programs, allow the immigrant (on either) to become a citizen of Canada after a period of 4 years of living in Canada. Similar to Canada’s immigration policy is the Australian Immigrations. Australia too invites a good number of individuals into the country with an intention to fill in their job requirements with foreign skilled professionals. Applying for Australian PR is a little tougher in comparison to Canada PR as Australia needs a lot more documentation in comparison with Canada. However, the person who is through with Australian PR has many advantages. The biggest being the immediate available opportunities for the successful immigrant at his/her behest. This said, Australia and Canada provide some of the best living conditions for the residents in the country. Both countries encourage investment by high net worth individuals in either a running business of the country or in a new start up or in farm business of the country. And each of the investment procures the investor Permanent Residency Visa of the country. Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand are the few other countries which are actively looking for skilled professionals to work in their country. Successful immigrants get the Permanent Residency of the countries.

Countries World-wide offer either their residency or citizenship to all those high net worth individuals who would like to either set up business in their country or invest there. One of them is the United Kingdom. UK offers a sleuth of investment visa options for the investors. Any of the UK investor Visa programs requires the investor to provide a business plan which proves that the business idea is unique and has the potential to grow internationally. This business should provide job opportunities to the locals. Eventually, the successful visa holder can apply for residence in UK and qualifies for citizenship in the country.

Not lagging back are the many European countries which are part of the European Union. Most European countries look for foreign investors to improve the business cycle in their country. EU Investor VISA program provides Permanent Residency to the investor which allows the investor and the family accompanying to live and study in any part of the European Union area. The investors and the family will have complete access to the EU Markets irrespective of the country in which they investment has been made, provided the investment has been made within the countries part of the EU. Investing in Europe provides the investor an easy access to many the Schengen areas. However, obtaining citizenship in the country where you have invested could be a task in itself. It takes close to 6-8 years to obtain citizenship of any country in Europe and to qualify one will invariably have to learn the local language of the country apart from following the regulations defined. Of these, Portugal Golden Visa is a good option for investment. Countries like France and Germany also offer their VISA programs. However, countries like Malta and Cyprus, which are part of European Union, provide both Citizenship by Investment program and Residency Programs. Investment in Portugal as Angel Investor is one of the cheapest modes of entering into Europe.

Such Citizenship by Investment programs are offered by the Caribbean Countries too. 5 beautiful Caribbean island countries provide a special investment program which enables the investor to obtain second citizenship for self. The Caribbean islands are known for their beautiful beaches and amazing spices. These countries to ensure nonstop flow of funds for their national development and other Government projects invite investors to invest in the country’s either real estate or donate to any of the Government funds. Apart from second citizenship, the investor gets to enjoy innumerable tax benefits in the country where he/she invested. The investor gets a second passport with which he/she and the family involved gets to travel to more than 100 countries VISA free thus expanding their business reach. The economy of these islands is strong and is showing a steady growth. These islands are famous for their agriculture produce which include special spices, tourism and a small rate of industrialization. Most of these islands try to maintain their beaches clean to help the aqua animals and the forest land of these islands have been well protected. None of these countries have stepped back from taking applications for Citizenship by investment Programs. All of the processing is currently being done online. Most of these programs doesn’t need the applicant to appear in person for any interview nor does it require that the investor lives in the country. The future generations of the investor get this country’s citizenship by naturalization. XIPHIAS Immigration is an international immigration firm which believes in following the rules and regulations of every country. We also understand and adhere to the requirements of the clients. You decide your choice of country and we will help you relocate to the place. We have a team of International investment immigration experts thus making us the best immigration consultants. We have the reputation of being transparent in our dealings. This is not only because of the way we handle our accounts, but also because we are registered immigration agents for many a countries in the world. We also have tied up with many business houses and real estate houses in countries like Canada, Dubai, UK, Germany and others to help ease the process for our clients. Partner with us today to know more about how we operate and take things ahead.

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