Comparison between Australia and Canada

May 29 2022 11:28:01 PM

Australia and Canada are two different countries, located at 2 different ends and in 2 different hemispheres of the world. Both countries are considered developed and provide the best possible living environment for the residents of their respective countries. Both the countries provide best possible options and infrastructure for all those who would want to set up their business in the countries. And both these countries are competing in the field of immigrations to invite the right kind of skilled professionals to fill in their job requirements in the country.

Both of their immigration programs provide permanent residency status to the immigrants. Both Australia and Canada, allows the permanent residents in their country to apply for citizenship once, the residents have completed living in the countries for a period of 4-5 years. Both countries have best education practices put in place. Till the age of 18 years, the residents and citizens of both countries are provided with free education. There are many subsidies and scholarships declared for the residents of the country to help them pursue university education.

Both countries offer health benefits that would restrict the amount of expenditure a person does on his and family’s health. The hospitals here are well-equipped and are up to date with modern fiscal technologies. Every year both countries spend quite an amount on the health and education related to health for the countries’ residents.

Australia and Canada provides equal opportunities for its residents irrespective of their genders to participate in contributing to the economy of the country.

The permanent residents of both the countries become sponsors soon after they receive the residency permits. They are at free will to invite and sponsor all those relatives of theirs who they consider to be eligible to relocate to Australia or Canada. Both countries require their residents to register with them and they get special benefits as residents which include tax benefits and old age savings.

While the commonalities of the immigration program of the countries are many, there are many things that are unique for each of the country’s immigration and living there.

Skill Select v/s Express Entry System

Every individual who intends to relocate to one of these countries will have to submit their application into a special portal. This portal will have a separate profile that is generated for each of the applicant. The applicant will be submitting his /her application along with relevant documents to prove his /her claim. Australia’s portal is called the Skill Select Portal. Each of the profiles will be in this portal for no less than 2 years’ period. During this period, if the applicant receives gets their permanent residency visa, then the profile will be removed; else it will remain there for 2 years. The applicant can make any number of changes to his/her profile during this period and for any change made, the applicant will have to provide ample documented proof.

Canada’s Express Entry system was introduced in the year 2017 and since then, it has stood as a proof of how a good immigration system can do wonders. Express Entry system is an immigration system which was designed to help simplify the work of the Canada immigration authorities. The profiles are placed here. And every application submitted should be supported by enough documental evidence. Again, once the application gets selected for processing for Permanent residency visa, it will be removed from the system.


Every profile that is part of the express entry system is given a score based on 5 factors. This applies to all those profiles that are part of the Express entry system which includes both skilled professionals and business investment immigrants who look for investing in the Canada. The 5 factors based on which an application is given score are –

1. Age

2. Education

3. Experience

4. Language proficiency

5. Adaptability

For each of the factors above, the profiles will be graded and based on the score that the profiles earn on these factors, they will be ranked. Each highly ranked profile will further get a push when they get selected for PR processing under the numerous streams that Canada has introduced for skilled professionals. There are many of the Provincial Nominee Programs too, that work in tandem with express entry system as it reduces cost of immigration filtration and saves time. In the qualifying round, every profile to proceed must get a minimum of 67 points against 100.

Australia’s skill select too more or less follows the same pattern as Canada’s Express Entry system. The factors to be proved will need a backing of strong documentation. In Australia, the profile to pass the first round, needs to earn a score of a minimum 65 points against 100, if the applicant is looking for placements in major cities. However, if the applicant has expressed his/ her interest to work in less popular places too, then the profile needs to score a minimum of 60 points against 100 in the skill select portal. Skill select is used by all streams of immigration in Australia including Sub-class 189 (Skilled Independent Visa).

Documents required

1. Proof of education

2. Proof of experience

3. Proof of Language tests that can help each of the applicants to prove that they have achieved the language benchmark defined. Ex- IELTS

4. Proof of age

5. Certificate from medical authorities proving that the applicant is healthy both physically and mentally

6. Certificate from local authorities about one’s background, proving that the applicant has no criminal record in his/ her name

7. The applicant will have to submit enough bank proofs that, the applicant will not be dependent on the state for self-sustenance and for the sustenance of his/ her dependents when in Canada or Australia.

8. Any other documents that can prove one’s claim and stand and strengthen their application.

Economy and physical factors of the countries-

Both countries offer good incentives and living conditions for their residents. However, the fee structure for the immigrants is slightly on a higher side to relocate to Australia.

Immigration agent registration council

Both countries require that the skilled professional approach them for immigration either independently (on their own) or be represented by registered immigration agents only. They do not encourage too many applications outside those who are not registered agents of them.

Canada’s ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) and Australia’s MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) are the boards where one needs to register to become recognized immigration agents for the country. As aspirant immigrant, one needs to ensure that the immigration agency with which the applicant has chosen to work is a registered agency. Reach out to XIPHIAS immigration today to help us, partner with you in your journey to migrate to the desired destination of yours.

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