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August 25, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Investments across the globe are an important proposition. Investments bring in profits for the investor and also for the country the investor invests in. Such investments provide ample growth and job opportunities for the locals of the country. Investments bring upon a lot of business opportunities for the investor. For the investor to invest, it is required that he understands which investment are the best investment visas in the world. Few countries provide residency to the investors while few countries provide citizenship. It is purely based on the value of investments that the countries provide residency or citizenship to the investors.

Europe has many countries which invites foreign direct investments into their country. Out of the many countries which invite direct foreign investments, two or three provide citizenship, while the rest offer permanent residency in the country. Once the investor satisfies all the regulations over a period of time, the investor will qualify for Citizenship of the country.

Cyprus –

Located towards the south of Turkey this Mediterranean island is the third largest island by area in the Mediterranean. It is also the third most populous island. Cyprus is one of the most prosperous islands in the Mediterranean. Its economy is defined by tourism, transportation and telecommunications. The country to increase their funding invites foreign direct investments into the country by two pathways through its Cyprus Investment Immigrations programs–

i. Cyprus Permanent Residency Program

ii. Cyprus Citizenship Program.

To obtain Cyprus residency or citizenship, one needs to invest in the real estate of the country. Depending on the status that you intend to obtain through this program, the investment value changes.

Malta –

Malta’s investment immigration program is similar to that of Cyprus’. Malta is an archipelago situated between Sicily and the North African Coast. The country is beautiful and is laden with many amazing beaches. Malta is economically stable and depends on tourism and agriculture extensively. Its real estate is always sought after due to its amazing coastline. Malta is considered an advance economy. Film shoots has also contributed extensively to Malta’s economy. Malta joined the European Economy in the year 2004. Malta’s Investment Immigrations program offers –

i. Malta Permanent Residency pathway

ii. Malta Citizenship pathway

It requires that one needs to invest in Malta’s real estate to obtain the status there. The amount of investment is what helps one decide which residency you would obtain there.

Portugal –

Portugal has multiple pathways defined to help immigrants invest in Portugal. Portugal offers only residency to the investors. You can invest in one of the following pathways to obtain Portugal Golden Visa.

i. Real Estate - €500,000 in a new approved real estate or €350,000 in an old real estate

ii. Invest in a running business in Portugal to provide a minimum of 10 job opportunities for the locals

iii. Donation towards Government funds which take care of the cultural heritage of Portugal to a tune of €250,000

iv. Funding of Portugal or French R& D projects – amount minimum €350,000

v. Acquire shares to a value of €350,000

The residency visa is renewable. It does not require the investor to live in Portugal for more than 7 days. In 5 years of living in Portugal, the investor qualifies for citizenship in the country.

France –

France offers its Entrepreneur immigration program as part of their France Talent Passport Visa Program. France has multiple pathways under this program. An investor who intends to invest in France can choose one of the pathways to invest in France. The investor can invest in real business in France either a start-up or invest in a running business there. Another pathway is called Direct Economic Investment, under which, as investor you can invest in any preapproved French organization, by purchasing a minimum of 10% of shares directly. There are other pathways to invest which include, investing in an innovative project in France.

Greece –

Greece Permanent Residency program in Europe requires that the investors invest in the real estate in Greece. Greece is known for its beautiful properties and attracts a large amount of tourists in to the country. Investing in Greece Real estate brings in the right kind of Return on Investments. One needs to invest a minimum of €250,000 in the real estate of Greece to obtain Greece Golden Visa. It would take a minimum of 40 days for the process to complete. You, the investor will have to visit Greece for a period of 3-4 days for in person interview. Once this process gets completed and you obtain the visa, you will not need to visit Greece again.

Latvia –

Latvia introduced their Latvian Residency Program in the year 2010 with an intention to invite as foreign direct investment into the country. With Latvian PR Visa, the investor can travel to the entire Schengen countries visa free. After 10 years of permanent residency in Latvia, the investor becomes eligible for citizenship of Latvia. You can become eligible for Latvian Residency Program when you choose to invest in one of the following –

i. Incorporation of a company

ii. Invest in Real estate a minimum of €250,000

iii. Open a bank account in Latvia with a minimum deposit of €300,000 for 5 years

Spain –

For one to qualify under Spain Golden visa program, the investor needs to invest a minimum of €500,000 in the real estate of Spain. The investor should be 18 years and above. Spain is an amazing country with lot of diversity within the country. Spain is rich and prosperous. Its economy is defined by tourism, farming and other manufacturing industries there.

Monaco –

Monaco has been a hub for rich and powerful across the world for a long time. This tiny island country in Europe is ruled by a king who ensures a balance between the locals and the residents there. The country is beautiful and attracts a lot of high-end tourists. The investor must invest in the real-estate of Monaco to qualify for Monaca residency visa program. For one to get citizenship there, you need to reside in Monaco for a minimum period of 10 years there.

Moldova –

Moldova is one of the recent additions to the list of countries which accept foreign direct investments into the country. This program was started in the year 2018. Moldova offers citizenship to those investors who invest in the country. The Moldova Citizenship by Investment program offers second passport to the investor with which one can travel to more 120 countries visa free. The investor will have to contribute to the Public Investment fund a minimum of €100,000 if the investor is a single investor. If they are a family of 4, then you need to invest a minimum of €155,000. Additional fees of €35,000 will be charged per application.

Montenegro –

Another country which started its Citizenship by investment program is Montenegro which started in 2020. This program will be in vogue only till 2025 or till the time, Montenegro receives 3000 applications. Montenegro’s Citizenship by Investment program provides a second passport to the investor with which the investor can travel to more than 120 countries visa fee. It requires the investor to invest in the real estate of Montenegro.

There are many more countries across the globe offering investment immigrations programs. However, it is important for the investor to invest after partnering with an international immigration expert who has enough experience and knowledge about the same.

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