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jun 25 2022 11:28:01 PM

Immigration firms provide Visa consultancy services for their clients who could be skilled immigrants or high net-worth individuals or corporates who require immigration support for traveling and for corporate rules in relevant countries. Investment in countries other than one’s own origin is a big prospective as it provides a bigger space of market for the businessmen and also a new country to explore the possibilities in the country. Many countries exchange their residency permit or citizenship for the investment made in the country. Different countries provide different benefits for the investors. Of the countries that offer citizenship by investment programs, Caribbean island countries are one of the pioneers who started providing citizenship to the investors for the investment they make in the country.

5 countries in the Caribbean offer their citizenship by investment programs. Each of the country has its own set of rules and provisions for the investors. It is one of the easiest pathways to be able to get citizenship by investment. As said earlier there are many benefits offered to you, as an investor by the Caribbean countries.

1. With this investment in the Caribbean Islands, the investor and his immediate family which includes spouse and dependent children will also be given citizenship in the country for an extra fee. The future generations will obtain their citizenships through naturalization.

2. The Caribbean Passport by Investment ensures that you, the investor can travel to 100+ countries visa free including USA, UK, Singapore and the European Area among others. This means the investor gets to spread his business wings, travel and explore the world across without having to wait for the visa to be sanctioned with help of his new passport

3. Citizenship by Investment provides tax benefits for the new citizens which ranges from no tax to minimal taxes. Usually, income from sources outside the country is never taxed in all these countries. Inheritance, wealth taxes are also minimal. There are other tax benefits too, which might be applicable to countries in particular.

4. The whole process of investment and obtaining citizenship in any of these countries will be completed anywhere between 2 to 4 months’ time.

5. These countries are ok with their new citizens maintaining dual citizenship. The whole of the process will be confidential revealed only if required.

6. At any given point of time, none of these programs require the investor or his/her family to stay in the country of investment

7. The Caribbean islands are known for their beauty and amazing beaches with clear water. In fact Dominica is known as “the Nature Isle of the Caribbean”. With Dominica’s citizenship, one can explore this beautiful island.

8. The Caribbean islands have maintained pollution free atmosphere in the countries. The surrounding waters and the island in itself are well maintained.

9. There is less crime reported in these islands.

10. The amount that the investor invests in the country is used for the development of the island or for development of public and private sectors of the country.

11. Antigua is known for its beaches. This country has 365 beaches indicate a beach for a day. And all the beaches are beautiful and serene. With Antigua citizenship, the new citizen can get to spend time in these beautiful beaches.

12. Grenada is known for its spices. It is the “spice isle of Caribbean”. With Grenada Citizenship one can enjoy the beauty of Grenada and also spread the spices across the globe. With Grenada Citizenship, one is qualified for US E2 Treaty Visa program.

To apply for any of these programs, the investor or the main applicant–

1. Needs to prove his or her age to be 21 and above

2. The investor and his or her family should have clean background

3. The investor should provide the agreed amount of investment.

4. The investor will have to make the investment in one of the pathways that has been defined for the investment purpose.

5. The investor will have to produce medical certificates to prove one’s sound health

The 5 countries in the Caribbean agree to process any application if and only if they are approached through their immigration agents who are registered with the country. They do no entertain private applications. This could be as they need someone to be reliable and accountable for the kind of personal who enters their country.

The best mode is to evaluate the top international immigration service providers and approach to ensure the investment is made in the right manner and is successfully accomplished. XIPHIAS Immigration is an international investment expert firm which works with the Caribbean immigrations to help interested investors to invest in the country.

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