Canada to ease hiring of Temporary foreign worker by Canadian employers in 2022

APRIL 07, 2022 10:35:11 AM

Canada like other countries is experiencing labor shortage as an after effect of the pandemic. Amongst other solutions getting temporary foreign workers to fill the jobs where there are no Canadians available is the most plausible solution.

Government of Canada is relaxing the rules for hiring foreign workers, as per relaxation in program rules Canadian employers now will be able to hire up to 30% of their work through Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The measure is effective from 4th of April 2022. The changes are meant to help build skilled work force in Canada.

The changes in TFWP are – (LMIAs) Labor Market Impact Assessments will now be valid for 18 months as against 9 months earlier. The duration of employment extended from 2 to 3 years for High-wage and Global Talen Stream workers. The Seasonal Cap Exemption made permanent, the maximum duration for availability of low-wage worker positions has been increased from 180 days to 270 days.

The other two changes which are effective from 30th April are, the seven sectors which are eligible to hire 20% of their workforce through TFWP are: food manufacturing, wood product manufacturing, accommodation and food services, construction, hospitals and nursing and residential care facilities a 10% increase and employers from demonstrated labor shortage sector will be allowed to hire 30% of their workforce from TFWP. Finally, Canada will end the current policy that automatically refuses LMIA applications for low-wage occupations in the accommodation and food services, retail trade sectors in regions with an unemployment rate of 6% or higher.

The job vacancy rate peaked in third quarter of 2021; the following sectors faced the highest number of vacancies as Statistic Canada:

  • Accommodation and Food Services – 130,070 vacancies
  • Healthcare and Social Assistance – 119,590 vacancies
  • Retail Trade – 103,990 vacancies
  • Manufacturing – 81,775 vacancies
  • The TFWP accounted for approximately 60% of all foreign workers entering Canada under the TFWP.

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