Canada Start-Up Visa or Canada Entrepreneur Visa for Entrepreneur Immigrants!

Dec 7 2018 11:28:01 PM

If you are an entrepreneur and thinking about to settle in Canada to start a new business then Canada Start-Up Visa or Canada Entrepreneur Visa program is the best and easy way to do it.

This Canada Start-Up Visa & Canada Entrepreneur Visa program started on April 1st of 2013 and designed to attract best entrepreneur of the world to get them in to Canada to provide new jobs for Canadian through new business ideas.

Through this startup visa Canada program if entrepreneur qualify this program will be fast tracked, after qualifying this program the goal is to clear of successful applicants and entrepreneur to enter in Canada. The Canada Entrepreneur Visa will grant a permanent resident which might be citizenship of Canada.

In the US an entrepreneur from high-tech sector or Silicon Valley entrepreneur can’t get permanent resident status while through Canada Startup Visa program every entrepreneur can apply to get permanent resident status.

Know the Work Process of Program:

If you would like to immigrate to Canada through this better and easiest Canada Start-Up Visa program then you will need the support of Canadian venture capital fund, in Canada several business groups are there but angel investor or business incubator is willing to invest in your new startup or business.

If we talk about angel investor or business incubator and the Canadian venture capital fund that must be designated by the government of Canada to take participation in the Entrepreneur startup visa program.

The main thing is to convince these designated funding groups that you have to show your business idea is worth investing in.

These group or funds have different application process to complete it. so you should contact whatever investment store or angel investor group you choose to present your plan to specifically to discover what reports they require and what you have to do to display your business thought to them.

It's a smart thought to spend some energy examining the diverse groups on the rundown as various venture capital funds, business incubator and holy angel investor groups have distinctive goals and regularly want to put resources into explicit sorts of businesses. Begin by visiting their sites. You might have the capacity to discover a layout of the application procedure you have to pursue to introduce your plan to them on their site as well. If the investor, business incubator or angel investor group decides to support your business thought, they will furnish you with a letter of help or support.

Once when you have your letter of help or support, you will be prepared to apply for a Start-up Visa, expecting you meet alternate qualifications. You can't have any significant bearing for a Canada Start-Up Visa or Canada Entrepreneur Visa without a letter of support or help.

Check Your Eligibility for Canadian Entrepreneur Visa:

To fit or qualify for a Canadian entrepreneur start-up visa you have to:

1.Demonstrate your business thought is supported by an assigned investor organization.

See the How the Program Works area of this article above for subtleties. The required evidence is a letter of help or support from one of the assigned groups that says that they will support your business thought.

You should anchor a minimum investment of $200,000 if the venture originates from assigned Canadian investment finance or potentially a base speculation of $75,000 if the investment comes from an assigned Canadian angel investor group. In the event that you are acknowledged into a Canadian business incubator program, you don't need to secure any investment in your new business.

2.Meet the dialect or language requirements.

You should have the capacity to convey and work in English, French or both. Note that you should give Citizenship and Immigration Canada evidence of your dialect or language capability. This implies you should take a dialect or language test from an office endorsed by Canada Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) and meet the base dimension of the Canadian Language Benchmark 5 in talking, reading, tuning in and writing in either English or French. When you've taken the proper dialect or language test, there are diagrams on this page you can use to decide your Canadian Language Benchmark level.

3.Demonstrate that your business meets the ownership prerequisites.

While up to five individuals can be the proprietors of a solitary business when you apply for a Canada Entrepreneur Visa, While up to five individuals can be the proprietors of a solitary business when you apply for a Canadian Entrepreneur Visa,

Every candidate or applicant must hold no less than 10 percent of the casting ballot rights in the business, and

The assigned organization and the candidates or applicants should mutually hold in excess of 50 percent of the casting ballot rights in the business.

4.Have adequate settlement funds.

This implies you must have the capacity to demonstrate that you have enough fund to help yourself and your family after you come to Canada, as the Canadian government does not give any money related help to Start-up Visa workers or immigrants.

When you take a look at the graph of assets or funds required (under 'have adequate settlement assets or funds' on this page), you'll see that the measure of money you must have put aside to help or support your family relies upon the extent of your family.

However, the Canadian government suggests that you bring however much money as could reasonably be expected when you come - businesses don't profit medium-term and you will require cash to discover a place to live and pay the living expenses for your family in the meantime. Know that when you come to Canada you should tell Canadian authorities when you arrive on the off chance that you are conveying more than CAN $10,000. In the event that you are and you don't tell an official, you can be fined and your assets seized.

Know About the Application Process:

In the event that you meet these prerequisites, you're prepared to apply.

When your finished application has been acknowledged for processing, Citizenship and Immigration Canada's Centralized Intake Office will get in touch with you and disclose to you what you have to do next. For more data on what occurs amid and after the processing of your application to move to Canada, go to the CIC's after you apply:

Ideally, it will be a great opportunity to get ready for your new life in Canada. Get ready for your entry clarifies what will happen when you initially touch base here.

To Know more about the Application Process and your Eligibility

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