Canada Provincial Nominee Program is Easiest route to get your Canada PR quickly.

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Canada’sb Provincial Nominee Program is an immigration program that allows aspirant immigrant to relocate to any of the provinces chosen by the immigrant. Skilled professionals, skilled traders, business investors and farm investors can all take advantage of the PNP VISA. Each province has its own set of immigration rules. Key is, once the aspirant applicant qualifies for the program, he or she then will receive a nomination from the province which would act as an aid for the applicant to apply for the Canadian PR visa with the federal government there.


Alberta is one of the most prominent provinces in Canada. The province is economically rich and is politically strong. It is the 4th most populous province of Canada. Alberta’s economy is driven by agriculture, forestry, modern industries and tourism. The province is very beautiful and has all the markings to make it one of the most sought after in the country. AINP Alberta is the official provincial nominee program. AINP is tied up with the Federal Government’s Express Entry system. The AINP offers immigration pathways for skilled professionals, business investors and farm enthusiasts. All those who would want to relocate to Alberta will have to express the same in their Expression of Interest. The investment that the investor makes in mainland Alberta will be higher than the investment in rural Alberta.

British Columbia –

British Columbia is the western most provinces in Canada. The Coast Mountains and the inside passages provides some of British Columbia’s spectacular sceneries. British Columbia’s PR VISA program is otherwise known as the BC PNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program). This program allows skilled immigrants, business investors and farm investors to relocate to British Columbia. The province’s economy is mostly service driven industries. However, tourism and farming are also rampant in this province. Because of it having a large amount of mountain ranges within the province, the province is rich in adventurous activities. Hence tourism is also pretty heavy here. However, the province tries and maintains as much of its forest area as possible.

Manitoba –

Manitoba is another rich province of Canada and where many rivers flow. The province is rich in minerals and has good amount of farm land. Manitoba was also one of the provinces where original natives of Canada lived in large groups. Manitoba Immigration Nomination Program or MINP is one of the most sought after programs due to the province being a rich one. Earlier this program was named MPNP Manitoba. This program works in tandem with the Federal Express Entry System. Manitoba filters and chooses the right profiles for their province through the Express Entry System. They also encourage direct acceptance of applications depending on the need of the province. Apart from skilled immigrants, the business investors and farm investors also love to invest in Manitoba due to the infrastructure available here and the anticipated return on investment.

New Brunswick –

New Brunswick is one of the 4 Atlantic provinces of Canada. It is the province where 2 languages are spoken. The province gives importance to both French and English languages. The province is mostly covered with forest land. The province’s economy is defined by service industries, forestry, constructions, manufacturing industries, utilities, tourism and agriculture. New Brunswick PR visa program encourages both investors and skilled immigrants to relocate to the province. Although the province has a program tied up with the Express Entry system, it still has its own pathways defined to help immigrants get their nomination from the province.

New Foundland and Labrador –

This New Foundland Pr VISA program provides an invitation to all those interested to move to this tiny island province of Canada. The province is famous for breeding dogs and has ports here. The investors and skilled immigrants can chose to relocate to this province as would be required. They again work with the Express Entry system to help them get the right professionals for relocating the province.

Nova Scotia-

The name Nova Scotia is translated as New Scotland. This beautiful island province of Canada is rich in agriculture and natural landscapes. The province works with Express Entry system to invite the required skilled professionals into the province. It is one of the smallest provinces of Canada. It is one of the 4 Atlantic Provinces. Nova Scotia PR process is more or less on the same lines of other programs.

Ontario –

Ontario is located in the center of Canada and borders with USA. The province is beautiful and is the richest. Ontario has many rivers flowing through it and Niagara falls is one of the famous tourist destinations that is part of Ontario. Most of the political decisions take place here. This province is also the financial hub of Canada. The nation’s capital Ottawa is located here and the country’s most populous city Toronto is also located here. PNP Canada Ontario is one of the most sought after nomination programs in Canada. The program allows skilled professionals and investors interested to invest in the business of the country to relocate there. The nomination obtained from this province greatly increases the score of the aspirant.

Prince Edward Island -

Prince Edward Island is one of the most beautiful and smallest islands of Canada. The island province is covered with redsand beaches and has many light houses. The province is rich in agricultural land and is renowned for its sea-food. The province has ports and ship building companies here. The province provides the best example for a balance between the old and the new. The province invites large number of interested immigrants to relocate to PEI through their PEI PNP (Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program).

Saskatchewan –

Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario have similar kind of PNP programs. Hence each one is termed in the same manner. While Saskatchewan Provincial nominee program is named SINP (Saskatchewan Immigration nominee program), Alberta’s is termed as AINP, Manitoba’s as MINP and Ontario’s as OINP. All the 4programs are Immigration Nominee programs and are tied up with the Express Entry System to help them get the right personnel. Saskatchewan is a rich province with beautiful rivers, plain land and large skies appearing. SINP PR program allows skilled professionals and business investors to invest in the province to obtain nomination from the province

Yukon –

Although Yukon is a small province, and is considered a developing one, it still invites immigrants to relocate to the province through the Express entry System.

All those who would want to relocate to any of the provinces need to ensure that they go through the right channels. The best channel to relocate to the provinces could be immigration agents who are registered with the ICCRC. XIPHIAS Immigration can be the best solution for all those wanting to relocate to the provinces. Reach out to us to know more about what best suits you.

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