Canada Invites 919 Candidates to apply for PR

April 01, 2022 11:28:01 PM

College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants invited 919 immigrants to apply for permanent residency (PR) under the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The applicants need to have a minimum of 785 (CRS) Comprehensive Ranking System points. A CRS for PNP is calculated considering 185 base points and 600 PNP points (since applicants nominated for PNP get 600 points automatically). All nominated candidates will receive an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent Residency within 60 days of receiving the invite.

Provincial Nominee Program, more popularly known by its short form PNP, was launched in the year 1998. A PNP allows the Canadian provinces to nominate immigrants who want to settle and work in the City to a province of their choice, to apply for PR. It is one of the most popular pathways to Canada PR, just like the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW).

Every year applicants are nominated to apply for PR through the PNP process based on the demand for skilled workers in a particular province. Every province's requirements may be different from that of another province. Hence the criteria and parameters for selection of applicants may also differ. Canada is on target to welcome 108,000 immigrants in the first quarter of 2022.

Though provinces carve out their own PNP requirements based on the demand for a specific skilled labor shortage, the general requirements for any PNP are language proficiency, educational qualifications (minimum under-graduate and above), work experience, training on a specific skill, and proof of funds. If an applicant has any blood relatives in Canada that adds to their CRS points and eligibility.

PNP is very different from the immigration program being run by the federal government of Canada. They offer some unparalleled benefits vis-à-vis other immigration programs, such as: applicants can choose a city or province of their preference, applicants do not need to have a job offer from a Canadian company to get nominated for PNP, additional points are awarded for skill training. The time it takes for a PNP nomination to fructify into a confirmed PR is between 15 to 19 months depending on the independent process followed by the provinces.

What are some of the top Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada?

OINP – Ontario Provincial Nomination Program – Ontario is in East central Canada. Toronto and Ottawa amongst the top cities of Canada are located in the province of Ontario, while Toronto is the capital city of Ontario province, Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The leading industries housed and developing in Ontario are – automobile manufacturing, crop cultivation, software designing, leading IT and Telecom technology development. OINP is the immigration PNP run by the province of Ontario. Under this program a prospective immigrant receives a letter notifying nomination in OINP. The program allows 45 days from the date of issue of the notification letter to complete the submission of all documents on the Ontario web portal. Upon completion of successful verification of the documents the applicant may receive Ontario Provincial Nomination Certificate, this helps add 600 points to the base CRS scores. A selected applicant then receives the (ITA) Invitation to Apply.

AINP – Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – Alberta, one of the prosperous provinces in the Western region of Canada is rich in oil fields, friendly residents, and beautiful diverse cities. It is the 4th largest province in Canada and is one of the fastest growing economies in Canada. AINP is the Provincial Nominee Program of Alberta. Applicants interested in moving to Alberta can obtain Alberta Provincial Nomination Certificate if they qualify based on their skills and work experience. AINP consists of three main streams. Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) - Alberta Opportunity Stream (AOS) is a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for foreign nationals working in Alberta and international graduates who have completed their studies at an approved Alberta’s post-secondary institution. Alberta Express Entry System - Candidates whose application is in the pool/bank, can get nominated by the Government of Alberta based on the eligibility they are looking for. Such nominated applicants get an additional 600 points to their comprehensive ranking system points. Candidates receiving the Notification of Interest (NOI) letter from ANIP can proceed to apply for Provincial Nomination under the Alberta Express entry system. Self-Employed Farmer Stream - This stream allows individuals with farming experience and personal funds to purchase and develop a farm in Alberta to apply for permanent residence. Successful applicants are farm owners/operators who plan to live in Alberta to purchase and manage their farming business. Applicants under this stream must prove their farm management skills and their financial resources to back their investment plans.

MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program - Manitoba is one of the most famous destinations for immigrants. The province has a stable and growing economy. Manitoba has been inviting many aspiring immigrants into the province through its Provincial Nomination Program (PNP). The three pathways of Manitoba to get a PNP nomination leading to PR are: Skilled Workers Oversea Pathway - Professionals who can obtain a minimum of 60 points in the point-based test with factors based on Age, Education, Professional experience, language proficiency and adaptability are qualified to apply under this program. The candidates can either provide proof of prior experience of working in Manitoba or prove a connection with a friend or a relative who is already a resident of Manitoba. Manitoba’s Express Entry Pathway - This is a sub-stream of Express Entry Pathway. It needs the aspirant to submit a profile into the Express Entry Pool. Apart from the score the aspirant needs to achieve, he/she needs to also provide proof of experience in the list of occupations in demand in Manitoba Province. It is important to have family connections in Manitoba. Human Capital Pathway - Foreign professionals who have a job offer in hand from one of the local Manitoba organisations, are qualified to apply under this pathway. However, it is important to have the occupation listed in the in-demand occupation list of Manitoba and prove/demonstrate skills to build strong labor connections there. The Job offer should be approved by the LMIA.

BCPNP - British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program - British Columbia is one of the biggest provinces in Canada. Located in the western most part of Canada, it is also home for the most populous cities in Canada – Vancouver. The province is known for its national parks, natural lakes, and recreation areas. British Columbia produces the largest number of Cranberries and Blueberries in the world. British Columbia's bone for economy has always been forest resources, mining, farming, and natural gas. In the recent past, the province has set up industries and has welcomed Information technology. To get the right resources they participated in the Provincial Nominee Program. BCPNP was defined to help the local immigration authorities recruit the right personnel into the province based on the current job requirements in the province. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program reduces the process time to help aspirants looking to relocate to British Columbia. The program works in tandem with the Federal Government immigration department. BCPNP has two streams to invite qualified aspirants to migrate to BC. Skilled Immigration Stream - This stream is for all those skilled and semi-skilled professionals. BCPNP invites qualified professionals into British Columbia through this stream and through Express Entry BC Stream. Anybody who is an IT professional or a health care provider & practitioner, who is experienced or is an entry level professional or a new graduate can apply under this stream. Express Entry BC Stream - The BCPNP’s Express Entry stream works in tandem with the Federal Express Entry system. This program does not require the aspirant to hold a job offer from an employer in British Columbia but should have a sponsoring employer to support. Entrepreneur Immigration Stream - Qualified individuals looking to invest or start a business in BC can do so by relocating to British Columbia through their BC Entrepreneur Program. This is part of the BCPNP. The program was designed to ensure economic development in BC along with the increased ability to create jobs for the local population. Just as the BC Skilled Professionals’ immigration, once the entrepreneur aspirant satisfies all the norms defined by BC, he/she will receive a nomination from BC based on which, one can apply for their Permanent Residency Visa with the Canadian Federal Government.

SNIP – Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Immigration Program - Saskatchewan is a Canadian province that borders the United States to the south. Grassland covers its southern plains, and to the north are the rugged rock of the Canadian Shield plateau, coniferous forests, rivers, and lakes. Its capital is Regina. Saskatchewan's economy was primarily associated with agriculture. However, increasing diversification has resulted in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting. Saskatchewan grows a large portion of Canada's grain. Under the International skilled worker category, to be eligible an applicant needs to be nominated and their profile must be in the Express Entry pool. The applicant must have a complete post - secondary education, training, or apprenticeship that’s equivalent to the Canadian education system. Education must be evaluated by the ECA (Education Credential Assessment).

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