Canada Investment Immigration Services

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By becoming part of Canada’s Investment Immigration services, you can invest in Canada’s running business or a start-up or in Agricultural fields to become part of the economically and culturally contributing communities of Canada.


Canada one of the most developed countries in the world is offering Investment Immigration Residence Visa permits to all those who are keen in investing in Canada. Canada is one of the strongest economies of the world with ever-growing GDP ably supported by its stable political system.

Canada provides various pathways to relocate to the country. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs who have a detailed business plan, which assures a steady growth making enough profits and who can provide a minimum guaranteed employment for at least one local Canadian citizen or residence permit holder, can apply for this program. Apart from Canada providing direct services, its provinces provide their own investment immigration programs.

Canada Start-up Visa

Why Canada Start-up

Through the Canada Start-up VISA program, Canada invites enthusiastic innovative thinkers to start their business in Canada. Authorized business houses are appointed to provide directions as would be required for a successful set-up of the business. Such a business should ensure that it provides employment for at least one Canadian citizen or PR holder.


-Prepare your business plan which defines the road map for your business and get it approved.

-Once you get the approval, you must obtain your work permit

-Within 1 year of getting the work permit, you need to set up your business and run it successfully.

-Ensure you provide the right documents to prove you have complied with the VISA program.

-The applicant should have 50% stake in the business

-You should be part of the everyday running of the business.


Manitoba, the rich province of Canada allows immigrants to relocate to the province either to invest in a running business there or a start-up of your own or invest in Agricultural fields. Manitoba’s economy is defined by its rich mining resources and agricultural fields. A lot of aboriginals settled down in this province due to the same reason.


You can either choose Manitoba’s Entrepreneur Pathway or Farm Investment Pathway to invest in Manitoba

The investor needs to have a personal net worth of CAD $ 500,000

If investing in the capital or main areas of Manitoba, your first investment should be a minimum of CAD $ 250,000 or if investing in rural Manitoba, then the investment should be a minimum of CAD $ 150,000.

Perform business research in the areas where you would want to invest in.

A minimum of CAD 300,000 needs to be put in as an initial investment in Agricultural lands.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island, one of the smallest and prettiest island provinces of Canada, provides nomination to enthusiastic entrepreneurs to invest in the province. The province is rich in raw materials. Tourism and manufacturing industries are the backbone of PEI. Currently, PEI is recruiting only from its Work Permit and those who have submitted their profiles into their official portal through the “Expression of Interest”.


1.You can have 33% to 100% ownership of your business in PEI

2.You need to first procure your temporary work permit

3.Make a visit to PEI province to understand the on-ground situation there

4.You need to prove your minimum personal net worth of CAD $ 600,000

5.Once there, sign the escrow agreement and the refundable escrow amount of CAD $200,000 needs to be deposited.

6.The minimum investment in the business is CAD $150,000


Saskatchewan got its name due to the river in Saskatchewan. It’s a beautiful province which is landlocked from all sides. This province has large tracts of fertile land and is famous for its adventure sports on land. The province offers multiple pathways for investor immigrants to relocate to the province. You can invest in Saskatchewan either in business or in Farmlands.


1.XIPHIAS Immigration shall help you with all of the documentation process for Saskatchewan.

2.Once your Expression of Interest is accepted, you get your Temporary Work Permit.

3.Post your TWP, you will enter into Business Process Agreements with the Government of Saskatchewan for 18 months, during which you need to prove your worth and will perpetually qualify for nomination for Canadian PR through SINP.

4.You need to prove your minimum personal net worth of CAD $500,000

5.Your minimum investment in Regina and related areas would be CAD $ 300,000 and in rural Saskatchewan, you will need CAD $ 200,000 to invest


Quebec Investor Immigration Visa Program or QIIP is one of the most sought after immigration program in Canada. Quebec is a beautiful province of Canada where French is spoken predominantly. The province is rich in minerals and industries. Quebec has Aerospace industry, information and technology industry, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to its credit.


1.XIPHIAS Immigration, an ICCRC registered firm, can help you not just with your documentation, but also provides an in-depth knowledge about the best investment options prevalent in Quebec.

2.QIIP requires the applicant to prove his/her personal net worth of CAD $2 million

3.Such a high net worth individual will have to park his/her money with the Government in their passive Government Guaranteed Investment, a sum of CAD $1.2 million for a period not less than 5 years of time.

British Columbia

To ensure Economic enrichment of the province British Columbia has introduced the Business investor immigration stream. British Columbia is the first province where Britons step their foot on in Canada. The province has many beautiful beaches. It houses the Glacier national park which offers one of the best hiking and biking trails. BC economy is more or less defined by tourism.


1.Your personal net worth should be a minimum of CAD $600,000 if investing in prime cities of BC else your personal net worth should be CAD $300,000 if investing in rural BC. Both of these needs to be legally proved.

2.If you are a single applicant, then you need to invest a minimum of CAD $200,000.

3.To run a business, the applicant must own at least 33 % of the business or must have invested a minimum of CAD $1 million.

4.Such a business should be in a position to provide at least one job opportunity for qualified Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents

5.Your every document and your business investment options, rules, regulations will all be taken care by XIPHIAS Immigration.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of the four Atlantic Provinces located in the east coast of Canada. It’s a multi lingual province where both English and French are official languages. New Brunswick is the province whose economy thrives on agriculture and shipping agricultural products, natural minerals to different parts of the world. It produces the grains and potatoes required for Canada and neighboring countries.


1 Your legal personal net worth should be CAD $ 600,000, of which CAD $300,000 must be liquid in nature

2 Your basic minimal investment should be CAD $ 250,000.

3 Deposit $ 100,000 as part of your escrow funds while entering into an escrow agreement

4 Once you comply with the rules of your NB Business Performance Agreement during the stipulated time period, you will be provided with your nomination.

5. XIPHIAS Immigration is a team of international investor expert group who have helped 100s of HNIs invest in Canada. We will help you step by step to invest in New Brunswick too.


The financial and business capital of Canada, Toronto is located in Ontario. This is one of the richest and most populated province of Canada. Ontario invites interested investors to its province through its various programs. Ontario provides one of the best infrastructure to conduct business locally.


1.If investing in cities like Vancouver or Toronto, your personal net worth should be CAD $1.5 million else your net worth can be a minimum of CAD $800,000

2.If investing in major cities, your basic investment should be CAD $ 1 million else CAD $500,000

3.Similar to other programs, you need to submit an Expression of Interest.

4.You will be entering into a business performance agreement, complying with which you would get your nomination for Canadian PR.

5.XIPHIAS Immigration provides good support to its clients starting from counselling to the post landing services to help you relocate to Ontario.


1.Minimum Age – 18 -22 years

2.Maximum Age – 55 years

3.Minimum 3 years of experience during the last 5years before submission of application

4.You need to achieve the Canadian Language Benchmark defined in Canada for English/French as would be applicable

5.You should have a clean background with no criminal records nor unethical business practices

6.You should provide a medical certificate proving your best health

7.You should have completed a minimum of a course equivalent to a higher secondary course in Canada.

8.You should be able to adapt self to Canada


You get to become a global citizen

Every program ensures you become a Canadian Permanent Resident.

After 4 years of living in Canada on your PR Visa, you become eligible to apply for citizenship

Canada is the neighboring country of the USA. You can travel to the USA with minimal Visa requirements.

You get to explore the markets of the USA and Mexico.

Your family can accompany you to relocate to Canada

Your children get access to high-grade cost-free education.

You can utilize the Medicare policies in Canada

Living standards in Canada is world-class

Canada allows you to explore as many possibilities possible

You can study in any university in Canada with this VISA.

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