Canada Investment Immigration Program

March 9 2022 11:28:01 PM

Any country welcomes foreign direct investments into their country to help themselves strengthen their economy and help them plan their investments or developments better than what it currently has. Canada too welcomes positive direct foreign investments into the country through various investment programs. Investing in Canada, through any of the Canada Investment Immigration Program ensures the investor gets his/her permanent residency visa.

The investor looking to invest in these programs will invariably be a high net worth individual. Such investor will have to have a minimum of 3 years of business administration experience either as part of the management of his/her own business or as part of the senior management group. Such an investor can invest in any of the running business in Canada or a start-up there or in the Real Estate of the country. Apart from the Federal Government’s investment programs, individual provinces have provided variety of investment programs to help investors invest in particular chosen provinces.

The investor as part of the benefits gets his/her permanent residency visa for self and his/her immediate family. Children of such investor get access to world-class cost-free primary to high-school education in Canada. The families residing there on PR VISA get access to health insurance sponsored by the government among others. Canada is known for one of the best infrastructures for both living and doing business in the world. The investor gets to access both of these in Canada.

Canada Start-up VISA Program

Any individual Entrepreneur who has the ability to own in it up at the international market to compete is eligible for this VISA Program. Such an entrepreneur should have innovative business ideas to implement and such business should provide jobs for the local community in Canada. The entrepreneur interested in applying for this VISA Program should first get a Letter of Support from designated organizations authorized by the Immigration authority in Canada. In case the investment required is CAD $75,000/- and more, then investor will have to tie up with get his Letter of Support from Designated Angel Investor. In case the investment required is a minimum of CAD $200,000/- then the entrepreneur needs to get the Letter of Support from Designated Venture Capital Funds. However, with Designated Business incubators, the entrepreneurs will have to be accepted or incubated into their business ideas.

Such designated organizations will hold a minimum of 50% of voting rights in the business together with the investor. The entrepreneur will have to submit his/her application for Canada Start-up VISA Program, along with the Letter of Support.

The investor as part of the first stage of the VISA receives his confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). COPR is released only after all the regulations are followed and satisfied. COPR exists for a period of 180 days, during which time, the investor will have to provide all the legal documentation possible along with compiling with his part of the deal. Once all the regulations are met, during the 180 days, the investor will receive his/her invitation to apply for Canada Permanent Residency VISA. The whole process takes close to 8-12 months to complete.

Canada’s Owner Operator Investor Program-

Canada’s Owner Operator Investor Program is a 2-staged program. In the first stage, the investor applies for a Temporary work permit as per the laws laid by the federal Government of Canada. During this stage, the sale and transfer of a business in Canada will be done in the name of the investor or his/her company who invariably is a foreign national.

In the second stage, either through Express Entry System or through the Provincial Nominee Program, the investor can apply for Permanent Residency Visa, whichever path works.

Usually, to get a work permit, one needs to obtain LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from Employment and Social Development, Canada and Job offer letter from the future employer. This involves advertising of a job opportunity in newspaper a month prior. However, there are certain variations or exemptions applicable under the Owner Operator Investor Program. The LMIA can be completely exempted to the business owners who control a share of the business either partly or wholly and is part of the day-to-day running of the business.

Provincial Nominee Program

In the 10 Provinces of Canada, high net-worth individuals can invest either in the running of a business or in the real estate of the business. Provinces provide nomination to all those Investors who have invested in the respective province to apply for the investors’ Permanent Residency in Canada. Such investments usually are expected to boost the economy of the province along with providing the jobs for the local population in the country.

Manitoba’s PNP provides nomination for interested Entrepreneurs to either invest in a start-up or in running business of Manitoba under the Manitoba’s Entrepreneur Pathway which runs in tandem with the Express Entry System of Canada. The other pathway to invest in Manitoba is through Manitoba’s Farm Investor Pathway. To qualify under the Farm investor pathway, one needs to be a farmer and should have ample experience in farm business too.

The Prince Edward Island business Immigration VISA program allows investors to invest in running business of PEI or in a start-up there. PEI PNP is tied up with the Express Entry System. On the similar lines of Manitoba runs the Saskatchewan Investor immigration program under their PNP which is the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP). The French-speaking Quebec too offers its own Quebec Immigration Investor Program. Quebec has its own governance on immigration and does not work with the Express Entry System. To invest in Quebec, it is important that the investor is connected to Quebec and has the intention to settle down in Quebec. Investor will have to invest in Passive Government Guaranteed Investment, which the investor will have to maintain for a minimum period of 5 years. ONIP or Ontario Nominee Immigration Program offers Ontario Business Immigration Program which again works with the express entry system. The investor can either invest in either a running or start-up business in Ontario or in Farmland/Real Estate of Ontario. However, the investment would vary depending on the area of investment in Ontario. In similar lines work the British Columbia Entrepreneur program under its PNP and Brunswick Entrepreneur Program under the NB PNP.

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