Canada Immigrations for Skilled Professionals

March 01, 2022 11:28:01 PM

It requires lot of changes in your life while also trying to trudge up your professional pathway in a new country. However, if taken the right stand things can be much easier. It requires a deliberation on to what pathway one needs to take and how to move ahead so there is no break in your professional growth. Canada since the 1940s has been inviting migrants into the country with 2 major objectives. One, that the migrants would actively contribute to the raise in Canadian economy and the other being able to generate revenue through immigration process. Canada grants Canada Permanent residency to all those qualified individuals who satisfy their requirements and are chosen for the same. Canada has always said that the raise in Canadian economy is directly related to the quality of migrants relocating to the country. The country has seen a drastic change in its economy post the world-war debacle it faced, and it has attributed immigration as one of the major reasons for the change.

Canada has always been low in population. It could be due to the extreme weather conditions there or due to the low migration the country saw. Canada, to over come its low population, it started inviting migrants into the country. This was necessary also because Canadian employers needed qualified resources to fill in their job vacancies. During COVID, Canada suffered a major setback in its economic growth. During November 2020, the country came up with a plan to help them get back on to the growth track. They have declared a plan and have started implementing the same.

Canada in all has close to 70 immigration programs. Of these, few have been listed below to help you identify what best works for you.

1. Express Entry system – This is one of the most sought immigration programs. Canada PR Express Entry system is by large a system designed by the Canada Government to help them handle the numerous applications they receive over a period. It tries to address all the gaps that the Government was facing in the immigrations up until then. It filters applications based on the qualifications. Before this, Canada followed the “first-come first serve” basis. Express Entry system replaced this pattern. Express Entry system strictly evaluates the economic value that an individual can bring into the country. Express entry system developed a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). This system automatically ranks the candidates competitive enough for migrating to Canada. This system evaluates profiles for other pathways.

2. Provincial Nominee Program – This program is one of the easiest pathways through which one can relocate to Canada. This program was launched in the year 1998. It is second only to the Express Entry system in its popularity. As per this program, every province will have a free hand to choose the personnel who they would think qualify into the province. Such chosen personnel will be provided with a nomination based on which you could proceed to apply for Permanent residency with Canada IRCC. The PNP Program’s main purpose was to allow the migrants explore other provinces of Canada. Earlier to this, the immigrants were settling in Ontario or British Columbia or Quebec. However, post PNP program, the migrants can choose any province participating the nomination program. Every PNP, has atleast one pathway that is aligned with the Express Entry system. Migrants who intend to relocate to a chosen province, will need to submit their Expression of Interest which should express that the migrant intends to relocate to the provinces participating in the program. If you have obtained your nomination from this program, then you will earn an extra 600 points which could increase your rank in the Express Entry pool. This would ease your PR process.

3. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) – This program was started in the year 2017. This has registered tremendous success since its inception, every year. This program’s main intention was to increase the working community population in the 4 Atlantic provinces. With this program showing amazing results the government has decided to make this a permanent program. This program requires that the aspirants have a job offer when applying for this program. However, this program does not require the employers to get LMIA approval. This is one of the recently added Canada Skilled entry programs.

4. Other famous programs that help you to relocate to Canada include Canada Experience Class program and Regional immigration pilot program.

The above mentioned few programs are most famous immigration pathways for the skilled professionals. It requires that the applicant identifies his pathways after understanding his situation. For this, you need to get your profile evaluated and get guidance from a reputed experienced immigration firm like XIPHIAS. You need to choose your PR consultant with at most care ensuring that the firm has enough knowledge and team to process your application. You migration should be stress free and you need to actually understand what best works for you. There are other programs through which one can relocate to Canada. Canada encourages families to be together. Hence, they have family visa program through which one can become a sponsor and bring their spouse, parents and children to Canada. You need to find an immigration firm which is also an ICCRC consultant. Take the right path to ensure the right direction and right relocation.

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