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Feb 18 2020 11:28:01 PM

Canada, during the past few years has been the center for all skilled immigrants wanting to relocate to another country for a better prospect for their profession. XIPHIAS Immigration, having multiple branches across the globe, is one of the top Canada Immigration Consultants in the country.

About Canada

Canada is one of most proficient countries in the world. Canada is not just enriched with beautiful landscapes; it has one of world’s best economies possible with a strong Government, monitoring and ensuring the growth of the country, both economically and culturally. The living conditions in the country are one of its kind. Canada is considered a developed country and has been adjudged as one of the top 10 countries with best living conditions possible in the whole of the world.

Canada has multiple streams defined, which allows entrance into the country a possibility. These streams provide simpler solutions for entrance of skilled professionals, business investors and tradesmen who would want to relocate to Canada.

XIPHIAS – The RCIC registered with ICCRC

XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the top immigration solution providers in the country. It is registered with the ICCRC – The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. XIPHIAS is a proud member of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) group, who are groomed and specially trained by the ICCRC to help emigrants who want to relocate to Canada.

Why choose a RCIC to help you in the process

It is very beneficial for the aspirant emigrant to register or consult with a RCIC as, the RCIC knows the complete process of immigration in and out and can be a proper guide to ensure 100% success of the relocation to Canada. If the agency or the immigration firm is a RCIC, then it is assured that, the firm has gone through a rigorous train up and needs to also be up-to-date with the regulations of Canadian immigration. There is a strict code of conduct that a RCIC needs to follow. Only RCICs have good standing with the immigration authorities with the ability to take up their clients’ case with the immigration office in Canada.

Professional approach- being an ICCRC registered

The RCIC, can help you battle your way with the Canadian immigration authorities on you and your employer behalf. The chances of successful immigration are more so with help of a RCIC. The RCICs, know the path and direction that one needs to take, to ensure a successful migration to Canada and hence reading one’s case, they can easily provide personalized immigration strategies tailor made for you. Only a RCIC can help you take care of your complete documentation required to migrate to Canada.

Canada provides different solutions for your immigration. Based on your needs, a RCIC like XIPHIAS, provides the best solution possible to address your immigration.

XIPHIAS, the Canada Immigration consultants and ICCRC

XIPHIAS, being one of the few rare RCICs in India, provides solutions for you to migrate either as a skilled professional or an investor into Canada. XIPHIAS has successfully helped thousands of individuals to relocate to Canada. Apart from being an RCIC, XIPHIAS is also a registered solution provider for international investors across borders.

Canada’s Immigration Process

Be it the Express Entry Program, or the Provincial nomination program or the Canadian Experience Class program, XIPHIAS has helped them all to migrate successfully to Canada.

Demand for Skilled Professionals

Skilled professionals are always in high demand across the globe. Invariably, countries like Canada, Australia, America, London, Singapore, Hong Kong have always been extremely attractive countries for skilled professionals to relocate to. These countries have a need to fill in their vacancies to complete the jobs.

What makes a Skilled Professional in Demand in today’s markets

Such jobs require that the applicant be proficient not just in their profession, but also possess soft skills and language skills that can help them communicate better in the new environment. It is very important for them, to be easily adaptable in the new place and new environment.

Requirements to qualify for Canada PR Program

Things apart a skilled professional, need to ensure he/she is economically self-dependent till the time, they obtain a secured earnable job in Canada. It is important that they are not dependent on the state or Government or any kind of public funds as soon as they enter Canada. As a prerogative, the immigration authorities have defined a stipulated amount that every applicant need to maintain at the time of applying for the Canadian PR program through any stream viable for the applicant. Such minimum amount to be maintained depends on the number of family members applying for the PR Program.

Documents for Canada PR Program

It is important that every document is given in the precise form as has been declared by the immigration authorities in Canada. These documents presented, become the basis for the success of the application. XIPHIAS, being a RCIC, has been well trained in the matters of documentation. Its consultants and representatives ensure that the application is filled in, in the manner that the application is processed successfully with as minimal clichés possible.

Need of Human Resource in Canada

Canada declared that it would be inviting more than 3 lakh foreign skilled professionals through there Permanent Residence Programs every year during the next 3 years. Through this, Canada plans to achieve filling up of vacancies in every department possible. To ensure the right kind of personals are invited into the country, Canada had introduced Express Entry Program. This program helps the immigration authorities to scan and filter the applications as would be required. This program is developed such that the whole processing takes less than 3 months and depending on the current requirement in the country or province, the preferences of the applicants are altered.

The Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program showed great promise during its pilot process itself and has stood the test of time. This Express Entry program although has been introduced by the Federal Government, it works in tandem with most of the provincial nomination programs. It has become imperative that every application, submitted today enters the Express Entry Pool and picked according to the stream, the application can be defined under.

For one’s application to be part of the Express Entry pool, the applicant has to submit his Expression of Interest along with his/her set of documents, which include proof of education, experience, language proficiency and economic stability. One needs to also provide, the whole family’s background documents proving that each of the member applicant is free from any kind of criminal and social impediments. Each member applicant needs to provide a medical certificate from a medical house certified by the immigration authorities along with the application.

The Provincial Nominee Programs

The Provincial Nominee Programs have been developed by each individual provinces of Canada, to help them invite the right kind of professionals and investors into their respective province. These PNPs are usually altered based on the current running requirements in the province. These PNP programs either work in tandem with the Federal Government or have autonomous schemes defined to aid the prospect immigrant. XIPHIAS has had the privilege to work with multiple PNP programs and successfully help clients emigrate to the province of their choice. To Quebec alone, XIPHIAS has helped over 3000+ customers of theirs.

Mandatory tests to be undertaken

XIPHIAS also provides in house training and support for its clients to take up the mandatory language proficiency tests. Canada has defined Canada Language Benchmark, which varies depending on the scheme that has been chosen by the applicant. It is important for the applicant to achieve the CLB.

Strength of XIPHIAS

XIPHIAS has a team of solicitors representing every client of theirs at the Immigration council. They also have a strong team of consultants to help their clients understand the requirements.

Join us today to help XIPHIAS help you relocate to your dream destination.

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