Canada Business Immigration Program

May 9 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada, the country in North India has been one of the most favored immigration countries in the world. Investments across border have been on an increase. Cross-border investments ensure the personal net-worth of the investor to grow. XIPHIAS Immigration, the best immigration firm in India, has a strong team of immigration experts who can bring about a change in the overall perspective of investing in foreign land. XIPHIAS is Canada’s registered immigration Agent. Since it’s registered with ICCRC, we get a regular update about the changes in immigration policies in Canada. Most of the investment programs in Canada help the investor get their Permanent Residency in the country.

Canada has multiple pathways for businessmen to invest in the country and also for those who would want to set up their own businesses there. Canada, in a drive to promote newer business ideas to grow and develop in Canada, came up with Canada Start-up Visa program. This is advantageous to all those business men who have a thriving business idea and which they would want to implement in the country. However, such innovators will have to come up with tangible business plan and should be able to gather support from designated Organizations and must obtain a “Letter of Support” from them along with either funding or becoming a partner with the business house, depending on the need. XIPHIAS has maintained good long standing relations with the many business houses in Canada and thus can help you procure the required support.

Business investors can choose to invest in any of the running businesses of Canada. And based on the investment, the investors can choose either to obtain a work permit or go through a provincial nominee program. This does not require the investor to clear any kind of language bench mark tests nor does the investor need to have his/her profile in the Express Entry Portal. Once the investment is made and the required regulations are adhered to, the investor will be provided with one of the temporary VISAs with help of which he/she can then move ahead to apply for Canada Permanent Residency.

This said, every province have their own individual investment programs otherwise known as Entrepreneur Programs. Manitoba’s Business Investor Stream or BIS offers 2 streams through which one can relocate to the province. One is the Entrepreneur Pathway and the other is the Farm Investor Pathway. Manitoba BIS’s Entrepreneur Pathway, allows interested investors to invest either in a running business of Manitoba or in a start-up in Manitoba. This program is a replacement for the earlier MPNP-B. This program helps the Manitoba immigration to filter the right candidates who could invest in the province. There are certain criteria which the investor will have to meet to qualify for the program and this includes proving one’s personal net-worth and arranging for a minimum said value of investment. The other pathway, Manitoba’s Farm Investor Pathway, provides a chance for the investors interested in farm business in Canada to invest there. However, such farm investors must be able to show prior farming and agri-business experience.

The other famous province which provides the Investment VISA is the Prince Edward Island Business Immigration VISA. PEI is a small province. But meticulous planning has helped the province strengthen its economy. Farming, fisheries, tourism and aerospace are the major contributors to the economy of PEI. The province has come up with its own Entrepreneur Nomination program with which suitable investors who are interested to invest in the province can get their nomination from the province, thus making them eligible for residency program with the IRCC. There are certain eligibility criteria to be followed to qualify for this program which includes that the applicant will have to prove his source of his investments.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program – Entrepreneur and Farm Categories provides investment opportunities to all those investors who are looking to invest in Saskatchewan. The province through its SINP brings about this stream. Saskatchewan has multiple chambers and business communities which provide the required support for investors looking to invest in the province. There are multiple streams under this program, one of which works with the Express Entry System. Just as the other programs, this program too has few eligibility criteria that need to be satisfied. Saskatchewan has clear skies, rivers and large tracts of farm land, and thus provides farm investment stream too to help all those interested farmers to invest in the province. However, it would be required by the farm investor to prove his/her prior farm and agro business experience.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Program is the only running investment program in the province currently. It again requires the investor to visit the province for a research of the area on a work permit and then prepare a proper business plan and once all the regulations of the province are adhered, the province provides its nomination which makes the investor eligible for applying for Permanent Residency with IRCC. Close to this program is the Brunswick Entrepreneurial Program.

Similar to Manitoba and Saskatchewan Entrepreneur program is the OINP Entrepreneur Stream. Once the investor proves his/her net-worth and can comply to all the financial and business requirements of the province, they get their nomination, with help of which, they get to apply for the Canada PR with IRCC.

XIPHIAS Immigration provides the required support to all of its clients to help them invest in any of the programs suggested above based on the requirement of our client. We ensure that all of the process is taken care of and is handled better. We being the ICCRC registered immigration agents; we are eligible to represent you (our clients) at the Canada Immigration authority.

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