Bring your parents and grandparents to Canada to live and cherish them

Oct 12, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Canada, after it started its immigration processes, has now put its focus on reuniting the parents and grandparents with the residents and citizens of Canada. The Parents and Grandparents Program which was introduced in 2011, has been re-initiated and re-modified. With this program the parents and grandparents of the residents/citizens of Canada and their spouses will obtain Permanent residency in Canada.

Canada has allowed a maximum of 10,000 applications for parents and grandparents during this year 2020. IRCC has announced that they would be accepting application forms for Expression of Interest for this category from October 13th 2020. The EOI is not an application for PGP, but for the sponsors to express their interest to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada on Permanent Residency. From the received Expression of Interest, IRCC will then pick random sponsors to who IRCC will send an Invitation to apply for Permanent residency. The sponsors should respond back in 60days during which, the sponsors need to apply with their completed applications for sponsorship. IRCC plans to take 30,000 applications in the year 2021.

Eligibility –

i. The applicants for Sponsorship should be a minimum of 18 years of age.

ii. The applicants must be legal citizens or residents of Canada

iii. The sponsors should be able to prove their economic stability to be able to invite parents and grandparents

Process –

1. The sponsors submit their Express of Interest. IRCC will be posting the EOI form for sponsorship between 13th October and 3rd November 2020. Application will remain there for a period of 3 weeks only. Sponsors who intend to invite parents & grandparents into Canada, can then download the application and proceed with the process.

2. Submission of Expression of Interest – IRCC will conduct a thorough search in the received EOIs where in the duplicates will be eliminated. IRCC has decided to conduct only one round of invitees in the current year 2020. Invitations cannot be transferred to anybody else.

3. Filtering of applications

4. Submission of complete applications. – within 60 days of receiving the invitation, the sponsor will submit complete application

There are different pathways through which one can become residents of Canada. Canada has declared more than 70 immigration pathways for interested immigrants to relocate to the country. Canada has come-up with Express entry System with help of which the applications are filtered as required and shortlisted for further processing. Canada provides ample opportunities for the skilled professionals to help their career growth and also for all those entrepreneurs who intend to conduct business in Canada. Canada invites federal skilled professionals, federal traders, international students, business entrepreneurs through the Express entry system.

One of the most popular pathways to relocate to Canada is Provincial Nominee Program. Each of the ten provinces in Canada participates in the PNP program. They have their own independent immigration program and each program has multiple pathways to accommodate immigrants of various kinds into Canada.

Although it is possible for one to apply for sponsorship for parents and grandparents on their own, it would be preferable for the applicants to go with an immigration firm to help migrate to Canada. Canada is a beautiful country which is highly developed and economically forward. It has always agreed that the progress of the country has been due to the kind of immigrants who arrive in the country. The best way to approach Canada immigrations is by working with an ICCRC registered firm. Such a firm is capable of handling any kind of immigrations to relocate to Canada. They will be knowledgeable and will be well-trained in the field of Canada Immigrations.

Now is the best time to apply for sponsorship for the parents and grandparents to relocate to Canada.

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