Best Investment program from the Caribbean Islands

jun 1st 2022 11:28:01 PM

Caribbean Islands are part of the North American countries. 5 countries from the Caribbean islands offer citizenship to all those who would want to invest in these respective countries. These islands are famous for their spices, beautiful beaches and climate. Grenada, Dominica, Saint Lucia, St.Kitts & Nevis and Antigua & Barbuda are 5 countries which provide the Caribbean’s Citizenship by Investment programs. Caribbean. Each country of the Caribbean is unique and beautiful in its own way.

Below are few reasons why Investing in Caribbean is good –

1. Stable Market – The Caribbean islands have a stable market. At any given point of time, the markets and real estates in the Caribbean Islands have always shown a steady and stable increase in their value. Especially the islands which include the Barbados always have provided an increase in the value of the properties here. The main reason for this could be attested to the Caribbean lifestyle which is a little laid back and provides every opportunity to relax and enjoy the environment there. The St. Kitts CIB program can be very helpful for its market gain there.

2. Climatic conditions – The climate of the Caribbean is tropical. The Caribbean islands are surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Hence the waters have a great impact on conditions there. The weather is almost same all through the year. The days are best for a jump into the clean waters around, with the nights being cool and welcoming. There are almost 360 beaches in Antigua and Barbuda which means one beach per day to enjoy the beauty and weather of Caribbean.

3. Growth of the investment – Investments made in the Caribbean islands always bring back the right kind of returns for the investors. The real estate of the Caribbean always has shown an upward trend. With tourism in Caribbean always on the raise and the spices from the Caribbean are famous across the world, the properties gain tremendously. Grenada is also known as the ISLE OF SPICES.

4. Tax Regime – Caribbean islands provide tax free benefits to the new citizens. Usually, the island countries do not tax their citizens for any of their foreign incomes. There is a subsidiary provided for taxes on capital gains, inheritance or gifts. There are subsidiaries on corporate taxes too.

5. Citizenship and Passport – Every investment in Caribbean provides the investor with the Citizenship of the country, where the investor has invested through their Caribbean Citizenship by investment program. This citizenship for the investor gets the investor a second passport with which the investor can travel worldwide to more than 100+ countries visa free.

6. Tourism – Tourism in the Caribbean islands is one of the richest industries here. With everything unique and beautiful here, the islands attract a number of tourists on a regular basis. The beautiful clean oceans, sun kissed beaches, the adventure sports, the spices, food - all of these and more attract tourists in large numbers to this part of the world.

7. Living style – Caribbean living style is the biggest draw for the tourists to revisit Caribbean. The place is beautiful and beings back people to relax in the islands here. There is a lot of diversity in culture, food and music here. The unique dressing style too adds up.

8. Islands – There are around 7000 islands in the Caribbean and each of it can be connected by a small trip in a yatch. Many popular islands are there here. Jamiaca, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda are few of the world famous islands which provide amazing service to the visitors there.

9. Low Crime Rates – The Caribbean islands are marked with lowest crime rates possible. They are safe secure and livable. The investors get special privilege and their living conditions will definitely be better taken care of.

10. Beaches and skies – The numerous beaches and the vast skies provide one of the best sceneries of the Caribbean islands. The sunrise and sunset of these islands is out of this world. The above are a few advantages of investing in Caribbean. We here by present table of comparison between the various investments programs of the Caribbean islands.

- All of these countries do not require one’s physical presence in the country at any given point of time.

- The whole of the process would range between 4 to 6 months maximum

- The countries do not require residence of the investors in the country at any point of time

- Tax regimes are beneficial

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