Best Age to Migrate – Is it a factor that should stop your dreams

Nov 19, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Migrating to another country is a big decision. It involves leaving behind a whole lot of things back in your home. However, migrating might be imperative for you to achieve goals and dreams. What keeps things apart is the manner in which life could pose challenges and how hard you can get to achieve them. Age is always a number when you hold it thus. There are no condescending terms for anybody to block you or your dreams based on your age. There have been way too many examples, where individuals have migrated to Canada or USA from India at a ripe age and have still went on to build businesses in the countries mentioned.

Having said that, countries have laid down restrictions to migrate to the country based on a general research conducted across the globe. There are many studies which conclude that aging affects a person’s ability to focus, memorize and pay attention to certain details. The physical strength and energy levels too get a beating after a certain age period. However, none of these might affect one’s job performance levels. Canada for example, restricts the age bracket of direct skilled professional applicants to 45 years. Then it means that, if you intend to qualify for Canada Permanent residency, you got to be under the age of 45 years if applying through any of their famous immigration pathways for skilled professionals. This holds true for Australian Immigration or any country possible. There might be few exceptions though.

However, Canada and USA have quite a number of other immigration pathways through which you can relocate to the countries. Canada encourages families to be together and hence has come up with their family VISA programs. This allows a person living in Canada to apply for sponsorship for his parents and grandparents permanent residency in the country.

If you are looking at migrating to another country on the basis of investments, age factor, most times doesn’t impact at all, although you will be adhering to many other terms and conditions laid by the country you intend to migrate to. Many countries across the globe invite foreign direct investment either to invest in some business to generate economic returns and create job opportunities for locals or invest in the real estate of the country. Majority of these countries are open to the investors not having to live in the country where they invested, although they would be providing you a sleuth of rewards in exchange for your investment. One of which could be residency or citizenship of the country. These are widely termed as Investment Migration and are famous for the rewards it provides for the investor.

As mentioned above about the upper age limit bracket, there are restrictions about the lower limit too. Irrespective of the ability of an individual, countries intend to invite individuals who are 18 years and above to work as skilled professionals with limited number of special cases. Usually, individuals below this age are considered to be juveniles and minors who need parental guidance to make decisions similar to partaking in migration. For instance, you are applying for migration to Canada through their Express Entry system and your family can accompany you in the application process. All of your children below the age of 20 can apply as your dependents to relocate to Canada. On successful completion of the process, each of the member of your family who has applied along with you will be awarded Canada PR.

This holds good for investments too. You will be able to apply for residency or citizenship of any country based on your investments either for conducting business or investing in the real estate of the country. You can collectively apply for the country’s residency or citizenship as a family. Most Caribbean Investment Immigration programs allow you to join your parents as part of your application, while you remain the main applicant.

Age can never be detrimental in most Business migration programs unless you intend to put up a start-up in the country where you intend to migrate. Canada and UK invites entrepreneurs to set-up their innovative business ideas there. These business ideas must be scalable and should prove that they can withstand competition. Both these countries, welcome fresh ideas. Having said this, there might be ways or pathways for aged entrepreneurs too to make their presence felt in the countries. If the business idea and presentation of the same is strong and convincing, age factor might as well get ignored. The point of fact is your conviction from towards your business idea that you intend to sell that makes the difference. Both Canada and UK Start-up visa program has certain regulations that are required to strictly adhered to.

It then becomes pragmatic that you strictly approach an immigration firm that is expert in these fields of action. They can provide you the best guidance about what works best for you, considering your parameters and your stand point. However, you should be following a set of benchmark rules about whom you should be working with, to ensure you achieve your migration goals without being impended by anything possible. I will be sharing my thoughts on the best immigration practices in another blog that an immigration firm would be following, based on which one could choose the right immigration firm to work with. Till then happy migration!

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