Benefits of Canada Business visa for Entrepreneurs

March 08, 2022 11:28:01 PM

Most countries across the globe are ably fighting economic and health crisis caused due to the pandemic in 2020. Canada, one of the top economies of the world to over come its economic set back has come up with a solid plan. As part of its plan, it intends to invite around 400,000 immigrants into the country through various programs. This they intend to do for below reasons –

1.To increase the inflow of funds through immigrations

2.To accumulate right knowledge and talent within the country for future growth; both economically and culturally

Of the net migrants to Canada, at least 1/3rd of them are Indians. In 2016, 38,000 Indians moved to Canada while in 2019 alone 85,000 Indians migrated to Canada through the various Canada PR program.

There are multiple pathways to migrate to Canada. While a lot of programs support skilled professionals, quite a few programs have been introduced for entrepreneurs intending to invest in some sort of business in Canada. There are quite a number of standing examples of successful entrepreneurs who relocated to Canada from abroad to set up their business and run it successfully there. Canada investment immigration programs have been increasingly gaining importance in the recent times. The Canada Investment immigration programs are multi-faceted and provide multiple benefits for the investors.

1.Migration for a Purpose – Canada investment immigration programs require that the person migrates to Canada with an intention to invest in the business of the country. Through these investments, you as an investor would be contributing to the economy of Canada and generate jobs for the locals there. These points need to be addressed early on when you would be preparing the business plan to be presented.

2.Infrastructure in Canada – Another major benefit to relocate to Canada is the infrastructure available in the country. The country provides extensive support to start-ups and investors investing in running businesses there. From Ontario to British Columbia to New Brunswick, every province has set up their aids to support businesses there. The country provides latest technology tools for businesses to run smooth while also easing the process there. Approach immigration experts who are registered ICCRC consultants to help you with the process.

3.Access to North American Markets – Setting up business in Canada is beneficial and one such benefits is the access to major world markets like USA, Mexico and European countries.

4.Cost of running business – the costs of running a business in Canada is much lesser in comparison to USA. And yet the businessmen will have access to the markets of North America. Both living in Canada and running a business there is convenient and cost effective.

5.Availability of resources – Canada has abundant land and required resources. To run a business, it is the people involved who matter the most. Canada has one of the strongest workforces and can prove to be an easy solution for the businesses to acquire and grow.

6.Permanent Residency - Most investment immigration programs in Canada can help you obtain permanent residency in Canada. It is one of the best investment visas in the world.

7.Leads to citizenship – Once you obtain Canada PR, it easily leads to you gaining your citizenship in the country. With Canada citizenship or Permanent residency you get access to numerous health care benefits and educational benefits

8.Family programs – You could relocate to Canada along with your family which includes your spouse and your children and they enjoy the same benefits as yourself when living there.

The below are few of the top investment immigration programs you could utilize –

1. Canada Start-up Visa program – Canada Start-up Visa program is a vivid concept where interested entrepreneurs will be presenting their business plan and will need to earn a letter of Support from designated organizations. The business ideas purported by the entrepreneurs should be a viable one and should be scalable. The entrepreneur can partner with other enthusiasts to apply for the program. There are a set of Canada start-up visa requirements that have been defined and the entrepreneurs will need to adhere to the same. One such requirement is the experience. Entrepreneurs will need to have a certain degree of experience in running a business. Apart from obtaining the support from the designated organizations, you will need to take up the mandatory language test and produce documents proving that you are capable of supporting self and your dependents financially while living in Canada.

2. Provincial Nomination Entrepreneur Program – Or Business Immigration program is another major stream for investors looking to invest in Canada. Most provinces participating in the provincial nomination program offer their own Entrepreneur stream. Provinces through the PNPs identify and choose the right personnel who could fit in to the respective province and provide them a nomination thus increasing their CRS. Provinces have a defined process to allow entrepreneurs to move and set-up their business there. Investors can choose to invest either in a business in the province or can decide to invest in the farmland or in agri business. Either of the two would require that the investor provide a suitable business plan and how he would be implementing the same.

3. LMIA Owner-Operator Program – Through this program interested entrepreneurs can purchase business in Canada and obtain a temporary work visa which could later be converted into permanent residency. It would take 2 to 3 months for the owner operator to get their temporary work visa.

In all these, what really matters is your partner who is helping you in the process. They should be your guide and should support your cause. You will need to approach an immigration firm which is recognized as the best Consultancy for PR in Canada to help you.

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