Becoming a UK LTR holder through UK Global Talent Visa program

December 08, 2022 11:28:01 PM

After the exit of UK from European Union on 31st January 2020, they have come up with several reforms in a bid to rejuvenate the UK economy and to take back control of their borders. Britain introduced their immigration bill which was based on a firm and fair point-based system with an intention to attract the right talent into the country, who could actively contribute to the economy of UK and to the communities there. Their agenda behind this bill was that it would create a high wage, high bill, and high productivity economy, with the main intention to attract right skill beyond the person’s ethnicity.

UK introduced their points-based system to cater to the highly skilled professionals, students, and a range of specialist workers to help them relocate to UK. This program replaced Tier 1 Visa Program. This program had a phased approach, the first of which was introduced in 2021.

A clear threshold of salary benchmarks have been defined. EU and non-EU citizens will be given equal privilege and each one will need to prove or demonstrate their capabilities to be part of UK’s growing economy. Each of the aspirant will need to earn a minimum of 70 points to qualify for the migration. The points will be calculated taking into consideration,

a. Job offer by approved sponsor

b. Skill level

c. English fluency

d. Current pay

e. Job in shortage occupation

f. Educational qualification

The immigrant aspirants are categorized into 3 types – Skilled workers, Highly skilled workers and low skilled workers. The point-based system would vary based on these types of applications. This visa program was labelled UK Global Talent Visa Program.

Anybody who can prove themselves to be an adult can apply under this program. That is the applicant needs to be 18 years and above. They need to earn an endorsement from one of the endorsing bodies which could be either the Royal society, or the UK research and innovation, royal academy of engineering, the British academy, Arts council of England or the Tech Nation. Each of these bodies review applications depending on the nature of the applicant. The applicant will need to approach one of these bodies to get an endorsement.

Each of the above-mentioned bodies have their own set of criteria. These bodies sort the applications into two, one bucket will carry all applications of those who have already proved their talent and the other bucket will carry all applications for those who are yet to prove their talent. While the first bucket is labelled Exceptional talent Criteria, the second bucket is called exceptional promise criteria.

All digital background aspirants, anything to do with computers, will need to approach Tech Nation to get an endorsement. Other specialists in the field of science will need to approach the British academy while those specialists in the field of Art will be approaching Arts council of England. The endorsing body would take a good 28 days to process the aspirant’s application. This can be further delayed due to any queries filed by the endorsing body and requires response from the applicant. Once the aspirant is through with this step, he or she will need to then apply for Global Talent Visa. The whole process could take 6 to 8 weeks to complete.

The Global Talent Visa is valid for 5 years period and can be further renewed. Once the applicant has proved his worth in UK, he can then proceed to apply for Leave to Remain Visa. Leave to Remain visa is like a Green Card in the USA which would mean that the applicant will become a permanentresident of UK.

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