Australia budgets increase in skilled migration to 109,00 points in 2022

April 07, 2022 11:28:01 PM

This is 30,000 points higher than that in 2021

Migration historically has been part of every culture which has contributed to a country’s economic prosperity and lifestyle. There is innumerable factor which influences a migrant’s decision to migrate and settle in a different country, the predominant ones being good education, good opportunities, good infrastructure, rewarding lifestyle. Australia has been a dream destination for many aspirants from across the world, this is by virtue of the country’s welcoming culturally diverse population. Immigrants consist as the critical component of the workforce which drives the economic and cultural development of the country.

With the winding down of pandemic, the nation is striving hard to better the economic activities. Amongst the many challenges the nation faces deficiency of skilled work force. As per ACCI (The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) temporary and permanent skilled migration programs are the critical components that actuates planning and development of the workforce in Australia. And of the multiple means, skilled migration is the most critical one that has repleted the skill gaps. As per The 2021 Intergenerational Report (IGR) by the treasury department of government of Australia, there is a distinct relation between skilled migration and economic development.

Australia plans to welcome 109,000 immigrants in the year 2022, which is 30,000 places higher than that of 20-21.

Further to the compelling need to fill the skills deficiency the other reasons for augmenting the Permanent Skilled Migration are – Skilled migrants drive the Australian population to attain higher level of education and training. Skilled migrants transfer highly valuable skills to the local workforce, thereby help the Australian businesses build better work force rather than taking away local worker’s job. Promoting skilled migration has helped developing Australia as a culturally and linguistically diverse country, this diversity helps the nation to cultivate links to global businesses, consequently getting access to new markets for Australian businesses. Entrepreneurial migrants star their own business which fosters job creation. Today the migrant entrepreneurs employ a whopping 1.4 mil. Australian workers. Employment creation helps to grow the country’s GDP substantially. Appropriately balanced migration programs add young and talented skills to the local workforce and thus create a balance to counter Australia’s aging population.

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